Fortnite Concept Royale Skins To Hit Item Shop December 23

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Fortnite Concept Royale Skins To Hit Item Shop December 23

Nalia and Frigid Forgoer are due to join the Fortnite roster tomorrow!

Epic Games hosted a contest back in June, where skin concept designers had the opportunity of a lifetime. Dubbed Concept Royale, thousands of talented artists constructed a winter-themed character with hopes of winning the contest. Epic sifted through the entries and selected Ladiale and Alta as victors. The pair respectively designed Nalia and Frigid Foregoer and impressed the panel.

Nalia and Frigid Foregoer will enter Fortnite's Item Shop tomorrow, December 23, at 7 PM EST. Epic Games had a chance to interview Laidale and Alta, who touched on several topics, including the inspiration behind each concept.

Nalia & Frigid Foregoer

The character outfits fit perfectly into Fortnite's current Winterfest 2021 event. Ladiale spoke to her thought process:

“The inspiration is … a barn owl. I think they're majestic animals with a lot of prejudices and stigmas around them. I designed the concept based on the animal, having the little red riding hood in my mind too.”

It's a unique concept, challenging to accomplish considering the number of outfits Fortnite has featured over the last four years. Ladiale revealed in the Q&A with Epic Games that Nalia was her first Fortnite design–an impressive feat in and of itself. A friend challenged her to enter the contest and her talent shined through in the best of ways.

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The Frigid Forgoer skin, designed by Alta. A frozen blue skeleton with a leather duster jacket

Alta – designer of Frigid Foregoer – drew inspiration from previous skeleton outfits and created something impressive:

“The idea of him being a frozen skeleton just came from my mind as I've loved the previous skeleton skins in Fortnite and that's when my mind went click and smashed the two ideas together!”

The artist began creating Fortnite concepts in the Summer of 2020, which eventually paid off massively. They called winning Concept Royale a dream come true.

Check out the complete interview over on Fortnite's official website and both character outfits when they arrive in the Item Shop tomorrow!

Feature Image: Epic Games

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