Fortnite: lbdart_ & AltaCalls Crowned Concept Royale Winners

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Fortnite: lbdart_ & AltaCalls Crowned Concept Royale Winners

Two talented artists will see their Fortnite character creations in Fortnite this coming winter.

Epic Games has crowned two winners in Concept Royale—a contest where Fortnite creators had the chance to have their art featured in-game. The developers announced Concept Royale in June.

Talented artists across the Twitter universe salivated at the chance of seeing their character outfit concepts in Fortnite Battle Royale. After much deliberation from the team at Epic Games, they selected two unique winter-themed ideas that will enter the Item Shop in a few months.

lbdart_ & AltaCalls Win Concept Royale

Fortnite’s Twitter account announced lbdart and AltaCalls’ monumental accomplishment today. Both winter concepts stood out amongst the thousands of Concept Royale entries. The tweet from Epic Games reads as follows:

“Congratulations to @lbdart_ and @AltaCalls, our Concept Royale winners Party popper. We can’t wait to see their concepts turned into in-game Outfits this Winter. And a big thank you to everyone who shared their chilly creations with us. We are always in awe of your creativity.”

The accomplishment cannot be overstated, considering the platform Fortnite provides. It’s not the first time Epic Games has turned a community concept into an in-game character outfit. In fact, the developers have honored many creator’s concepts. There’s no telling what doors this could open for lbdart_ and AltaCalls, who will see their “Nalia” and “Frigid Forgoer” characters in Fortnite relatively soon.

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Featured Image: AltaCalls

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