Fortnite: Concept Royale Contest — How To Have Your Art Featured In-Game

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Fortnite: Concept Royale Contest — How To Have Your Art Featured In-Game

Epic Games has announced a new contest for Fortnite designers looking to have their creations immortalized as in-game character outfits.

The contest, referred to as “Concept Royale,” is the perfect opportunity for the thousands of Twitter users who tirelessly create cosmetic concepts, hoping for Epic to recognize their work. A few select designers in the past have enjoyed the privilege of developers creating their skin for sale in Fortnite’s Item Shop. Twitter concept artist — Sharktoofs — is a recent example of Epic Games honoring a talented individual’s work in-game. Now, those who strive to reach that same goal can do so in this first-of-its-kind contest.

What is Concept Royale?

Concept Royale provides graphic designers the chance to have their Fortnite skin concepts featured in the game. The rules are simple; Epic Games is seeking winter-themed character outfits to release during an upcoming seasonal event. To be precise, the contest tasks entrants with creating “your most festive, frosty, and fun designs to bundle up in this holiday season.”

How to Enter Concept Royale

Anyone who is looking to enter the contest should follow the relatively straightforward step listed below:

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Post your original concept to Twitter or Instagram using the #ConceptRoyaleContest hashtag

The work begins with creating a unique winter-themed character concept that would floor the judges. Epic Games will select two winners to have their art featured in Fortnite, and each individual will receive $2.5K USD as a cash prize. Concept Royale is the ideal opportunity for talented artists to establish themselves in the gaming scene. Entrants must be at least 13 years of age, and all submissions must be in by July 11 at 11:59 PM ET.

Refer to Epic’s blog post for all of the rules and regulations of this event. Do not sleep on a chance to have thousands of players wear your original designs in Fortnite Battle Royale!

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