Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults Guide – Get Inside 3 Huge Vaults

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Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults Guide – Get Inside 3 Huge Vaults

This is how the Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults and bosses work, and how you can get Heisted weapons every game.

The latest Fortnite Most Wanted update has dropped a few new features on players, but the Cold Blood Vaults, keycards, and new types of loot are the most fun. These are new vaults. They have new bosses. But most importantly, inside there are some of the most OP Fortnite weapons we’ve ever seen. Playing during the update, it feels borderline pointless to walk around without one of these new exotic weapons.

If you want to make sure you can grab the best new Heist weapons in every game, the Cold Blooded Vaults should be your first stop. Each of these spots is heavily guarded by NPCs and a Boss. Not to mention the other players also after the Vault. However, you’re guaranteed a drop of one high-powered Heisted weapons from the boss, and more in the Cold Blooded Vault hiding below their stronghold. These are some of the best spots for looting we’ve seen in a long time.

This is how you can take down the Fortnite Cold Blooded Bosses, how to get the keycards, and where you can find all of these locations while the event lasts.

Fortnite Cold Blood Vaults Guide

The latest update added a load of new content, so if you’re not quite sure how it all works just yet, this is what you need to know.

The Cold Blooded vaults are a new type of looting location. They’re marked on the map at a few major POIs. Each is guarded by a boss and NPCs, so hot dropping onto the building itself is probably not going to work for most players. Once you take down the boss you can get inside. There you’ll find new heisted rare chests which drop the Heisted weapons. That’s alongside high-tier loot, loads of ammo, and a new terminal that can facilitate a safe getaway.

How Do You Open the Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults?

Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults

The Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults are going to be central to the next few weeks of gameplay. How exactly do you crack them open, though? There’s only one way, a keycard.

These vaults are different from those we saw in Chapter 3, which only needed generic keys. They’re returning to the more exclusive style of Chapter 2. To get inside these bunkers you need to take down a boss and collect their key card. This takes up a whole slot in your inventory. Pick it up from the boss, head towards the vault entrance.

Once down there, you’ll see a terminal by the vault door. This takes your key card and starts the slow process of opening. You might want to watch your back at this stage. Camping by the vault entrances for someone else to take out the boss is a pretty old strategy in Fortnite.

That is an alternative method for getting inside the Cold Blooded Vaults. You could just hide under the stairs. However, with so many enemies guarding it, this might be difficult to do. You also run the risk of no one opening that vault and you miss out on looting for the game! Taking out the boss itself is the safer method.

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Where Are the Cold Blooded Vaults?

Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults

These new Fortnite Cold Blooded vaults are probably the best looting locations right now. There are actually quite a few of them on the map too. These aren’t secret locations this time though. When you jump in, you’ll see them marked with vault symbols on your mini-map. If you want a reference ahead of time though, this is where you can find all of them.

  • Brutal Bastion
  • Faulty Splits
  • Shattered Slabs

Each of these spots has a Cold Blooded Vault. It’s located in the same building as the new boss in that area. Each has a bigger underground added to facilitate it. Once you take them out, you’ll find the key card. If you’re still a bit lost, the keycards now have directions similar to the Peely’s Plunder Fortnite Augment treasure map. The arrow will show you where to go once you pick up the keycard. Just heading downstairs is simple enough though.

Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults

The New Bosses

Each of the Fortnite Cold Blooded vaults is heavily guarded. There’s a new boss at each location, along with a fair few NPCs walking around outside. The new bosses don’t seem to drop the same gun each time. It seems that each of the spots has one of the three Cold Blooded Ace Bosses. When killed, they’ll drop a new Heisted weapon. However, you can can’t guarantee you get the exact gun you want just from taking on the boss since it’s a bit more random.

Unlike the bosses, these drops aren’t one of a kind. Other players can get the same guns from Augments, other Vaults, Holo chests, and more. However, taking out the boss at the station gets you a guaranteed Heist weapon along with access to the Cold Blooded Vault. In there, you’ll find more, so you’re probably going to get your preferred one eventually this way anyway.

These bosses aren’t too hard to take down, they have the standard bad AI that Fortnite NPCs sport. With so many goons around in tight spaces, though, it’s wise to take out their guards before the boss. Otherwise, you could be under fire from all directions.

How to Defeat the Cold Blooded Bosses

Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults

The Fortnite Cold Blooded bosses could be a challenge for some players, depending on how you’re looted up. Since you need them to get through the Fortnite Chapter 4 weekly quests alongside getting into the Vaults themselves, it’s helpful to have a crack at all of them.

The best strategy for these bosses is to kit yourself up ahead of time. Don’t land and immediately take the fight. Grab some basic weaponry and other supplies. If the spot is quieter than normal, consider claiming the POI. This will give you a scan of any lingering players around and the NPC locations. It’ll also drop plenty of Meds to make sure you’re set up fully.

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After you’ve got some kit, move to a vantage point over the POI. By this point, other players will probably have started fights with the goons. Take them out from a distance without engaging the boss themselves. Unless you can see the Boss’s health meaning another player is already in there. In that case, let the NPCs help you take out the other player before you get rid of them.

Once you’ve narrowed the area down to just you and the Cold Blooded Boss, you can start on the big enemy. Most Fortnite bosses have problems with object permanence., if you’re behind cover it takes them a while to get you back in sights and they’ll even lose track of you sometimes. Peak the bosses, blast them with a shotgun or AR, and then go back behind cover. They have a few seconds between spotting an enemy and firing, which should be long enough for you to chip away at their health.

The recent Siphon Augment updates work great for this too. Boss fights are largely just attrition, their strategy isn’t too clever but they do have high-level weapons. If you use a shotgun siphon with shotgun or Rarity Check with an uncommon weapon, you‘ll get heals for damage dealt along, which should make the boss fight simple enough.

What’s Inside the Cold Blooded Vaults

Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults

Once you grab the key card you’re free to head into the Cold Blooded Vault itself. Once it opens up, you’ll find loads of loot. Most vaults contain a few Holo Chests. These are like Mythic chests, but they drop Cold Blooded loot as well as high level weapons. Often, you’ll get two to three more of the Heisted weapons. Players can likely get most of the Heisted weapons that they want through this system.

There are also normal chests located in here, as well as the longer themed chests that often popped up in Chapter 2. There are also tons of ammo boxes and bags. That’s alongside cash registers and more. These vaults don’t have supply drops like Chapter 3’s but with all this loot it's going to be hard to find a problem with your loadout at the end.

Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults

Once you’re done looting, you should head to the computer terminal in the vault. This can help with your escape. For a small amount of gold, this can provide a prop disguise, a rift, or heal you back to health. Take whatever heals you need to get back to full and then Rift out of there!

Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults

You’re not guaranteed a Victory Royale with Heisted Weapons, but the loot you’re getting from raiding the Cold Blooded vaults is going to seriously set you up for a strong game.

The Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults are some of the most fun areas added to this Chapter. They are a little overpowered though, so there might be steep competition to get inside. If you do manage to get a keycard though, you’re set up for the whole game! Thankfully these aren’t a part of Fortnite esports or the upcoming FNCS, or we might see something really crazy in that tournament.

Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults Guide – Get Inside 3 Huge Vaults
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