Fortnite Chapter 4 Rumors – Does it Start in December?

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Rumors – Does it Start in December?

Will Chapter 4 start in December? We take a closer look at the rumors!

Fortnite Chapter 3’s fourth season has been dominated by Halloween and Fortnitemares so far, and it’s due to run till just before the winter content drops. However, according some recent rumors, we might not be getting a Chapter 3 Season 5. Fortnite Chapter 4 rumors have started circulating that might mean that this is our last season of Chapter 3. Making it by far the shortest Fortnite to date.

Rumors like this aren’t too uncommon. Although, there are some decent leaks to go off of this time. It is best to take them with a grain of salt, but some of the things uncovered for what’s coming next in Fortnite are interesting. This is why there are Fortnite Chapter 4 rumors that say it might be starting in December.

The Fortnite Chapter 4 Rumors – When Does is Start?

A current rumor circulating seems to say that Fortnite Chapter 4 could be coming sooner than we expect. Normally timing for the chapters would mean that Chapter 3 has a good while longer left in it, a few more seasons at least. Ending sometime in 2023, after another 2 or more seasons. However, some players are increasingly thinking that Fortnite Chapter 4 could come sooner than we expect, launching roughly a year after Chapter 3 did.

As this is just a rumor, it is not ironclad. We’ll go through the reasoning why some think it’s coming early, and why that might be a bit premature.

Asteria Map Leak

The start of the Fortnite Chapter 4 rumors might be the leaked map concept. Battle Royales like Apex have a map rotation, but Fortnite prefers to keep things to one island, changing the island as a whole with each new Chapter along with changing up the POIs each season. We’ve only had 3 maps so far, and some leakers are pointing towards a new map on the horizon.

Leakers have said that a new map with the code name Asteria has become to appear, with references to it included in the game’s files. The name follows Epic’s naming convention for Fortnite maps.

Internal references have been found to the Artemis test map. This comes after chapter 1’s map was named Athene, 2 was Apollo, and 3 was Artemis. The Asteria test map is referred to with S23 in internal files. Fortnite is currently on v22, which might mean we’re getting close. If Epic keeps to the normal map per chapter system, v23 would probably be next season. That’s a big reason for the Fortnite Chapter 4 rumors.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Rumors of Creative 2.0

Fortnite Creative 2.o - Fortnite Chapter 4 Rumours

Most signs currently point to the next Chapter of Fortnite making the jump to a newer version of Creative mode. The game has been on Unreal Engine 5 since it moved over to Chapter 3, but are yet to take advantage of everything the engine has to offer for Fortnite. Especially with this part of the game, we’re kind of due a revamp for creative mode.

Most of the leaks for big upcoming content so far are to do with Creative mode. Internal screenshots for “creative 2.0” so far show that Fortnite is getting much more expansive tools for the Unreal 5 version of creative.  Players will have tools that allow them to make much more expansive worlds, like custom terrain. Things like this are being created:

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Fortnite Creative 2.0 - Fortnite Chapter 4 Rumours

These leaks for internal creative 2.0 don’t necessary mean that Fortnite Chapter 4 is starting sooner. But it’s more confirmation that Epic is far into work on the next leap forward for Fortnite. This big change for Fortnite creative could just come with a normal update. There’s nothing specifically tying Fortnite seasons to Creative’s progress. Although, it’s a nice hint at upcoming tools.

Item Descriptions and the Herald

The Herald - Fortnite Chapter 4 Rumours

One thing that some are calling evidence of the Fortnite Chapter 4 rumors are some recent item descriptions. Specifically those for this season’s bonus skin. The Herald.

This has to do with the bonus skin for a season around a year ago. The Herald looks pretty close to the skin for Chapter 2’s finale. The descriptions for the items for this bonus skin too could be interpreted as teasers to the end of a Chapter. These are some of the item descriptions added in with the Herald outfit and their descriptions.

  • The Herald Skin – The Nothing is Coming.
  • The Epitaph Edge Pickaxe – The final cut awaits.
  • Fading Ember Cloak Back Bling – The last light you’ll see.

Some think that these item descriptions hint at the end of this island. Specifically with the references to “The Nothing” which could be overtaking the island the island. They do have certain similarities to item descriptions for the Cube Queen. It could imply that the Nothing referenced is going to lead into the changeover of seasons.

The bonus skin is also unlocking pretty late, which would make sense with it fitting the end of season lore. Although, it might just be to avoid clashing with the Fortnitemares run in the game. If this is pointing towards Fortnite Chapter 4 or just an end of season event though is still a mystery.

The Nothing

References to the Nothing in item descriptions line up with one big clue we have for Fortnite’s storyline. A voice actor has already tweeted about appearing in-game as a character called The Nothing.


Alongside the item descriptions and this, NPCs have begun to talk about the Nothing. Seemingly worried about it effecting the island.

If this Nothing takes over the island, we could see one of the calamitous island destructing events take place this season’s end. Although, it could just be a particularly big end of season event. They have been lacking so far this Chapter.

End Dates and Downtime – Fortnite Chapter 4 Rumors

fortnite end 2

Another rumor circulating alongside the Fortnite Chapter 4 rumors is that downtime is coming at the end of the season. Not just the normal downside, but a significant offline period. The rumor currently goes that Chapter 3 Season 4 will end with an event. This will be followed by 12 hours of downtime while gameplay is disabled, similar to Chapter 1’s climatic Black Hole event that saw the game offline for days. After 12 hours, a patch will drop for the next season. This will be followed by a further 4 hours of downtime.

This would be a shorter gap than the first Chapter changeover. Although, it is bigger than seasonal ones in the past. This kind of a jump could be for Fortnite Chapter 4 starting. Although, updates have had unexpected downtime recently too, not just season handovers. It could just be for a substantial Season update, like expanding the creative mode alongside the main game.

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The person behind this current rumor doesn’t think Chapter 4 will be starting up. Instead, they think this will be a Season 5 with a bigger change than normal. Something worth bearing in mind if this is thought of as proof of the Fortnite Chapter 4 rumors.

How Long Do Chapters Normally Last?

Chapter 2 Key Art - Fortnite Chapter 4 Rumours

Fortnite chapters have varied in length. The first Chapter ran for 10 whole seasons, but the second moved on after just 8. At four seasons currently, we could probably expect this season to run to Season 6-8 at least. Although, making the chapters shorter again could fit the pattern too. It does mean that we’ve had significantly less time on this Chapter than the past though.

While Chapter 2 was much shorter in sheer season numbers, it wasn’t too far off in real world time. The first Chapter was just a bit under 2 years long. Chapter 2 was a bit over 2 years long. Thanks to having much longer seasons, Chapter 2 ran a lot longer with fewer actual seasons. Chapter 3 changing over now would make it by far the shortest Chapter yet.

A more normal changeover date would mean we’re actually closer to halfway through Chapter 3. This would take us into later 2023 before we get a full new chapter.

Why We Might Have a Bit Longer in Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Key Art - Fortnite Chapter 4 Rumours

Those are the reasoning behind some of the Fortnite Chapter 4 rumors right now. However, it doesn’t cover everything.

For the most part, the idea that the new chapter is starting early is based on leaks pointing towards new content being in the works and item descriptions that line up lore wise. The item descriptions are tricky, as Epic’s lore for Fortnite can be over dramatic at season end without necessitating a brand-new Chapter.

Epic Works Far Ahead of Fortnite’s Release

The leaks about the new Creative and a new map are more substantial. However, its notable that these aren’t final product leaks, they’re very much under construction. Epic typically works quite a few seasons ahead of time. This is something that seems to have been confirmed recently by their misfortune in timing. Such as releasing a “War” themed season just after the invasion of the Ukraine that forced them to skip a subtitle for a season.

This kind of thing gives more credence that they really are working quite far ahead at the moment, not just with brand deals but for actual content and planning. Problems like that could have been easily avoided if they were working closer to the wire.

Having Spider-Gwen in the Season 4 Battle Pass would have lined up with Chapter 3’s promotional skins too. If the Spider-Verse movie where this skin’s design hadn’t been delayed earlier this year. Both of these slight scheduling missteps would reinforce that Epic is genuinely working pretty far ahead.

Not Chapter 4, But Creative 2.0

Another option would be that the leaks aren’t tied to a premature Chapter 4, but a big overhaul for creative. A huge creative change (as is being tested) might be big enough to warrant a new map’s code for its development. This could be part of Season 5, necessitating the larger downtime, without needing a new Chapter yet.

Between the bigger features coming and Epic working on what looks like Chapter 4, it seems we’re due some big updates to Fortnite. Given how far out Epic work though, we don’t anything firm on when exactly it’ll come. The Fortnite Chapter 4 rumors are fun, but there’s plenty of issues with them too. We will have to wait and see how it develops and if we get more leaks to see if Chapter 3 really is being cut so short.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Rumors – Does it Start in December?
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