Fortnite: Epic Releases Comprehensive Creative Mode Guide

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Fortnite: Epic Releases Comprehensive Creative Mode Guide

Epic Games has released a helpful guide for prospective Fortnite Creative Mode players.

Creative Mode is a feature in  Fortnite Battle Royale that essentially reshaped the game as it stood in July of 2018. Before, players could only queue into Battle Royale matches and attempt to achieve a Victory Royale. That all changed on July 18, 2018, when Epic Games added infinite possibilities to Fortnite.

Players and creators could now manufacture their own maps; practice, aim training, death runs, or virtually anything else. Creative Mode elevated Fortnite to another level, and players continue to utilize all of its offerings to this day. While it’s an immersive tool, Creative can be overwhelming to some.

Epic has released a “Welcome Packet” today which shows Fortnite players how to navigate Creative Mode and provides all the information anyone might need to start designing maps.

Creative Mode Welcome Packet

The 42-page welcome packet includes every major and minor detail for prospective map creators. It explains the possibilities of learning and creating within Creative Mode. Additionally, it guides players through loading into Creative and describes how to utilize all of its features.

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This resource should become the go-to for anyone looking to become a map or game creator. Many well-known names in the scene, such as Pandvil and Raider464, have become legends in the scene for their practice maps. Some professional players have also partnered with map designers to construct something that suits their needs.

Fortnite provides a nearly limitless platform for players or designers to showcase their creativity in countless ways. For these reasons, the Creative Mode Welcome Packet should be your first stop. It could be the perfect gateway to become a recognizable name in the Fortnite community.

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