Fortnite Champion Series Week 3 Recap And Results

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Fortnite Champion Series Week 3 Recap And Results

The Fortnite Champion Series is moving into its final week of play. See who advanced to the semifinals this week.

Week Three of the Fortnite Champion Series is in the books. Thus far, we have seen some high-profile squads qualify for heats, which will take place in two weeks. Names like SEN Bugha, Tfue and FaZe Dubs have already qualified. The final two weeks are critical not only for a top ten qualification but also for the consistency points. With the Fortnite Champion Series heats right around the corner, let’s see who managed to punch their ticket to the next stage.

Refer to our Week One and Week Two Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier recap articles for full results to this point.

NA East

NA East Week 3

TSM Commandment, NRG Zayt, Ghost Saf and SEN HighSky picked up their second Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier victory in three weeks. Their 73-point performance pales in comparison to the 121 they put up in week one, but it was still similarly dominant. Zayt, Commandment, Saf and HighSky combined for 34 eliminations and managed two Victory Royales over six matches. Their two victories were as dominant as possible with twelve and fourteen eliminations respectively in each. Zayt and his teammates have now double-qualified for the Fortnite Champion Series Semifinals and are comfortably in position to control their destiny with seeding.

The squad of Tfue, Liquid Fiber, Khanada and Cloakzy claimed second place in Week Three of the qualifiers. Their best finish was back in week one, where they took fifth place. Over six games, Tfue and his teammates put up 71 points and no Victory Royales. They collectively produced 35 eliminations and finished top ten in all matches except for one. Other notable names at the top include squads led by FaZe Dubs, SEN Bugha and Clix.

NA West

NA West Week 3

Little, CLG Leno, Parm and KNG Jay took a commanding victory over their NA West opponents in week three of the Fortnite Champion Series. They have officially double-qualified for the FNCS Semifinals after their ninety-three point showing. Over six matches, this foursome amassed 54 eliminations and two Victory Royales. Leno and company’s best performance was match five, where they combined for eighteen eliminations and the win.

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Second place went to wood, TR Favs, Temple and TR Powur with 82 points. Their five-match endeavor yielded 43 eliminations and one Victory Royale. This is their first top ten finish in the FNCS Chapter 2 Qualifiers. Wood did not load in for one of their six games, which makes their second-place finish even more impressive. Their third match proved to be the standout where they put up 43 eliminations and also completed their lone Victory Royale. Liquid Cented, NRG Edgey, NRG EpikWhale and Rehx accomplished their third straight qualification for the FNCS Heats in early December.


Europe Week 3

Myztro Whai, E11 Crippa, Zyppaan and Tchub stole the show in Week Three of the European FNCS Qualifiers. Their 87 point showing included one Victory Royale and 45 eliminations. Whai, Crippa, Tchub and Zyppaan had not placed top ten in the last three weeks of the Fortnite Champion Series. These four popped off in game six, where they combined for 18 eliminations and grabbed 15 extra points with the Victory Royale. They will be moving on to heat play after this stellar performance amongst some of Fortnite’s best.

A mere five points out of first place was the team of MCES Andilex, COOLER 4zr, COOLER Noward and Vitality DRG. This squad is quickly becoming one of the best in all of Europe after three straight weeks inside the top ten. Their first three weeks yielded results of a victory, fourth place and second-place finish. This time around, Andilex, 4zr, Noward and DRG amassed thirty-nine eliminations but ended with no wins. This squad’s consistency shined throughout with no placement lower than thirteenth place. Mitr0 and his teammates finally managed to qualify after some brief struggles through the first two weeks. RBK Ritz, TSM Crue, LG Beehive and chapix 75 also continued an impressive stretch with yet another top-ten finish.


Brazil Week 3

After two consecutive dominant weeks by C9 Nicks and his squad, we saw a new team at the top of the Brazil region. FURIA leleo, kurtz, wisheydp and SNG king compiled 92 points en route to their first FNCS Chapter 2 first-place finish. Their overall performance included 47 eliminations and one victory. Leleo, kurtz, wisheydp and king played exceptionally well in match three, where they produced 14 eliminations and the Victory Royale. C9 Nicks and company dropped down to fourth place this week, but still managed to remain inside the top ten. RED Snow, G.V Felipeboy, RED avlr and RED technoviking finished top-three for the second straight week. Brazil is shaping up to be an exciting FNCS finish.

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Asia Week 3

FaZe Caryion, kquid, Eshz Yt and Spraz took full control of the Oceania region with a 99 point showing. Their recipe for success this week amounted to 48 eliminations and one Victory Royale. Overall, this squad completed three runner-up finishes to complement their match four victory. This sort of consistency will go a long way for the ultra-talented Oceania squad. It was quite the performance out of kquid and his team, which saw them ultimately beating out x2Twins Jordan, Jesse, depression and Gheez by a whopping twenty-seven points.


Asia WEek 3

First place in the Asia region went in favor of T1 Envy, Puzz, T1 Spidermon and T1 Quicks for Week Three. This squad shockingly did not come out with a single victory, and still, put up 98 points and 50 eliminations over six games. After not appearing in the top five through the first two weeks, T1 Envy’s squad has secured themselves a spot in the FNCS Semifinals. With placements no lower than ninth, they did not require a Victory Royale to claim the top spot. They will continue to FNCS Heats, where they will compete against names like T1 SinOoh and CR Ruri.

Middle East

Middle East

The squad of ONESHOT, POWER QnDx, POWER Njby and TU Stilson earned 85 points en route to a week three victory in the Middle East Fortnite Champion Series. This is the second team in Week Three that managed to win without a Victory Royale. Last week, this squad took eighth place, but only the top five teams from each week qualify for the FNCS Semifinals. ONESHOT, QnDx, Njby and Stilson accomplished their goal and are moving on to the next stage.

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