Fortnite Champion Series Week 1 Recap and Results

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Fortnite Champion Series Week 1 Recap and Results

The Fortnite Champion Series is officially underway.

Teams of four in all six participating regions played through three rounds of competition to ultimately decide who will play in the FNCS Semifinals beginning on December 6th. Each week, ten qualification spots are available to NA East, NA West, Europe and Brazil. Only five qualification spots are available to Oceania, Asia and the Middle East. The prizing breakdown varies per region and week, but players are competing for a piece of the $5M USD prize pool announced at the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2. Let’s take a look at how each region played out for week one of the Fortnite Champion Series.

NA East

Dominance is a word to describe what NRG Zayt, Ghost Saf, SEN HighSky and TSM Commandment did to the other twenty-four squads involved in the Fortnite Champion Series Week 1 Finals. Over six bouts of competition, the remarkable team followed up their rounds one and two performances with an unfathomable 121 points. This included three Victory Royales out of their six matches. Zayt and company produced forty-three eliminations overall. The foursome did not finish worse than fourth place through six matches. After some brief roster shake-ups, it is unquestionable that Zayt, Saf, HighSky and Commandment are in the discussion of the best squad in the current meta of Fortnite Chapter 2.

Second place went to the squad of FaZe Megga, FaZe Dubs, Rogue Eclipsae and Ghost Bizzle. This squad has stuck together from the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2. Their resilience and ability to adapt seems to have paid dividends in the form of a qualification for the FNCS Semi-Finals in December. Although they fell far behind the dominance of Zayt’s team, they still managed 70 points in their own right. Dubs and his squad put up thirty-seven eliminations and consistently placed inside the top 10 throughout the tournament. Our first 10 qualified teams have run the gauntlet early and can now polish their strategies with the semi-finals on the horizon. Popular names who also qualified include Tfue and SEN Bugha.

NA West

In a tournament of twenty-five squads, pitbull dopi, pitbull peace, pitbull dabzi and TSM Herrions came out on top in the NA West region. It took ninety-five points to take first place, and Herrions’ team managed this without a Victory Royale. This squad managed double-digit eliminations in two of six matches and amassed 50 eliminations overall. Herrions, Peace, Dopi and Dabzi finished in second place twice and produced an impressive win in week one of the NA West Fortnite Champion Series.

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Little, CLG Leno, Parm and Boba Tea Jay finished just three points behind first place in an equally impressive showing. This squad earned two Victory Royales and matched Herrions’ team with 50 eliminations. This squad finished runner-up in the FNCS warmup and is clearly clicking on all cylinders as a cohesive unit. The first ten teams to qualify for the FNCS Semi-Finals includes names like Ghost Aydan, Ghost Sean, 100T Arkhram1x and NRG EpikWhale.


The European scene experienced several hiccups prior to round three of week one. Epic Games, unfortunately, were unable to foresee the matchmaking issues that plagued the competition. After several restarts, MCES Andilex, COOLER 4zr, COOLER Noward and Vitality DRG claimed first place. Over six matches, this European squad achieved 81 points in total with one Victory Royale to boot. Their efforts yielded thirty-six eliminations overall and an average of nine eliminations per match. Despite a multitude of matchmaking issues, Andilex and his teammates took first and have punched their ticket to the FNCS Heats.

RBK Ritz, TSM Crue, LG Beehive and Chapix 74 finished in just three points behind Andilex’s squad for second place. Both squads finished inside the top ten at the FNCS warmup. Ritz and his squad failed to earn  Victory Royale but still achieved a top-five finish in four of the six matches. This consistency coupled with thirty-seven eliminations paved the way for this talented squad. The top ten finishers included names such as Fnatic Motor, Solary Kinstaar, and a full squad for TrainHard Esport players.


Much like Zayt’s crew out of NA East, a similarly dominant performance occurred in the Brazil region. The likes of Master GEMIDA, C9 DK, C9 blackoutz and C9 Nicks GEMIDA displayed their skills with ninety-three points through six matches. Their performance amounted to fifty-one eliminations and one Victory Royale. Master, DK, blackoutz and Nicks placed no lower than fifteenth throughout the week one final. With an eighteen point margin of victory, this collection of players separated themselves from the other twenty-four squads.

The familiar names of 9z santidead, Clipnode, NothingNoName and dyfsssj took second place with seventy-five points. Clipnode’s squad put up forty-two eliminations in total and ended a six-match stretch with their lone Victory Royale. An eighteen point separation between first and second is definitely worth noting, but 11 points stood between second and third place. The two squads who finished in first and second were leaps and bounds ahead of the other competitors.


First place for week one of the Oceania Fortnite Champion Series went to Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo. At this point, it is unclear whether this is a different team competing under assumed aliases or not. Nevertheless, their 105 total points are the second most amongst all qualifying regions. This squad managed two Victory Royales across six matches and forty-five eliminations collectively. Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo ultimately ran away with first place. They're heading toward the FNCS Finale in one month's time.

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The day one squad of x2Twins Jordan, x2Twins Jesse, volx and Gheez achieved second place in week one of the Fortnite Champion Series. After placing third at the FNCS Warmup, these four players were on a path to eventual victory. Their week one performance included a Victory Royale in match number five and forty-six eliminations in total. Jordan, Jesse, volx and Gheez collectively produced four matches with double-digit eliminations and four top-five finishes. This squad is one of five who were able to qualify for the semi-finals.


With ninety-six points, the team of FPX Xiaohong, FPX QianLan, FPX Sad and FPX 4imb0T.exe convincingly took first place in week one of the Asia Fortnite Champion Series. This squad finished twenty points clear of second place and their efforts amounted to fifty-one eliminations and one Victory Royale. Xiaohong, QianLan, Sad and 4imb0T.exe took full control over the Asia region after finishing in fourth place at the FNCS Warmup last weekend.

T1 SinOoh, T1 Aries, FaxF0x and DWG Eraser compiled seventy-six points en route to a second-place finish. Their six-match run includes a Victory Royale and thirty-seven eliminations. This squad of established players out of the Asia region has seen several bouts of success in the past. SinOoh, Aries, FaxF0x and Eraser are amongst the favorites to win the FNCS in their respective region.

Middle East

The Middle East region produced the third-highest accumulated points across six regions for week one of the Fortnite Champion Series. Thunder Snow, Thunder Souriano, Thunder Unit and TU Brook followed up their FNCS Warmup win with a win in week one. This foursome amassed 101 points over six matches, which included three Victory Royales and fifty-three eliminations throughout. A nineteen elimination match was the highlight of their week one endeavor. This squad’s dominant performance grants them the opportunity to battle yet again at the FNCS Semi-Finals next month. Until then, expect Snow, Souriano, Unit and Brook to continue polishing their strategies and rotations.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for coverage for the remaining weeks of the Fortnite Champion Series including results, and any roster changes that take place.

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