Fortnite Champion Series Week 2 Recap and Results

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Fortnite Champion Series Week 2 Recap and Results

The Fortnite Champion Series is in full swing with Week Two in the rearview.

Week One of the Fortnite Champion Series set the precedent of what competitive Fortnite fans can expect over the coming weeks. Squads across all competing regions took the time to fine-tune their player selections in hopes of creating a team that fulfills the need for current meta. Many of these squads have experienced early success and hope to sustain their momentum heading into the finals early in December. With only two weeks of qualifiers remaining, there is no room for error if squads hope to advance to the FNCS Semifinals. Let’s take a deep dive into a region-by-region breakdown of which teams advanced in Week Two.

NA East

Fortnite Champion Series Week two 2 na east

Week Two of the NA East Fortnite Champion Series belonged to the team of Tempo CizLucky, Liquid 72hrs, Liquid Chap and Liquid Vivid. This team saw early success in professional scrims and ultimately were able to parlay that success into an important victory. The Liquid plus CizLucky squad won half of their matches over the best of the best in the NA East region. Led by Chap, this squad rotated effectively and successfully endured end game three times, which resulted in victory. A whopping fifty-three of their points were due to eliminations and they did not place lower than fourteenth place in any of their six matches. 72hrs, CizLucky, Chap and Vivid have secured a spot in the FNCS Semifinals in early December.

The remainder of the top-ten is a who's who of professional Fortnite player. FaZe Megga, FaZe Dubs, Rogue Eclipase and Ghost Bizzle achieved their second straight top ten finish in as many weeks. The only other team to repeat back-to-back top-ten finishes is the team of Slackes, Innocents and Assault, who replaced NotSebby with casqer for Week Two. Other names who have punched their ticket to the semifinals include teams led by 100T Elevate, LZR Kreo and Season X Champion, TSM MackWood1x. Needless to say, NA East Semifinals are shaping up to be an exciting finish.

NA West

Fortnite Champion Series Week two 2 na west

Although NA West may be lighter in terms of recognizable names, the top-ten leaderboard for Week Two includes some of the best players in all of Fortnite. 100T Arkhram1x, Falconer, CLG Symetrical and Ghost Sean narrowly took first place over Rehx, Liquid Cented, NRG EpikWhale and NRG Edgey. Arkhram’s team managed ninety-three points across six matches with not a single Victory Royale. In order to make up for their lack of Victory Royales, Arkhram and company placed fourth, fourth, sixth, second, fifth and sixth. This sort of consistency provided a path to victory as they walked away with the ultra-important placement points throughout their matches. Arkhram, Falconer, Symetrical and Sean collectively produced forty-five eliminations and complete their second straight top-ten finish in the Fortnite Champion Series.

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The previously mentioned squad of Rehx, Cented, EpikWhale and Edgey finished in second place with ninety-two points. This performance marks their second straight top-three finish in the Fortnite Champion Series Qualifiers. Rounding out the top-three finishers of Week Two is RBL Rhux, RBL Pika, 1400 Joel and Persecute. With some top teams qualified for the semifinals, NA West will provide a top-heavy finale to the Fortnite Champion Series.


Fortnite Champion Series Week two 2 europe

After placing second last week in last week’s qualifier, RBK Ritz, TSM Crue, LG beehive and chapix 74 controlled the European region and ran away with first place. This squad put up an unfathomable 132 points, which nearly doubled the points generated by second place. Ritz, Crue, beehive and chapix decimated their European opponents with a whopping seventy-five eliminations. Overall, this squad managed one Victory Royale and four additional top-three finishes over six matches. This display of competitive Fortnite ranks as one of the most dominant in recent history. In addition to rightfully earning a first place finish, Ritz, Crue, beehive and chapix are making a case for themselves as the best squad in all of Europe.

The squad of VP Jamside, Gambiy fwexY, Gambit letw1k3 and Secret Domentos took second place after finishing in sixth last week. Another team that achieved their first top-ten placement in the Fortnite Champion Series is FaZe Mongraal, NRG benjyfishy, LZR Wolfiez and LeStream Nayte. Mongraal and benjyfishy experienced a slow start to Chapter Two, but appear to have found their groove. Other notable names who qualified for the FNCS Semifinals include Solary Airwaks and Solary Hunter. Numerous teams in this region have double-qualified already for the semifinals as well.


Fortnite Champion Series Week two 2 brazil

Master GEMIDA, C9 DK, C9 Blackoutz and C9 Nicks repeated a similar performance from week one with yet another FNCS Qualifiers victory. Although the margin of victory was much smaller, Nicks and company are separating themselves from the pack in the Brazil region. Their effort produced ninety-six points with one Victory Royale across six matches. Sixty of their ninety-six points came by way of eliminations and this squad managed no lower than top-ten throughout the Week Two qualifier. It is safe to say that this squad is emerging as the favorite out of the South American region.

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The remainder of the top-ten is comparable to last week’s leaderboard. RED Snow and his teammates managed another high finish along with leleo’s squad. The Brazil region includes some remarkably talented players and we can expect to see the same names at the top each week leading into the Fortnite Champion Series Semifinals.


Fortnite Champion Series Week two 2 oceania

The squad of memoirs, S O Z, swimming croc and Hubic took first place in Week Two for the Oceania region. Their ninety-eight point display included fifty-six eliminations and one Victory Royale. Over six matches they placed no lower than eighth place, which ultimately provided them with much-needed placement points. Week Two marks the first top-five finish and FNCS Semifinals qualification for memoirs, S O Z, swimming croc and Hubic.

Week Two resulted in yet another runner-up finish for x2Twins Jordan, x2Twins Jesse, volx and Gheez. This squad put up eighty-four points over six matches, including two Victory Royales and forty-two eliminations. x2Twins Jordan and company stole the show in the Oceania region. They won their final two matches in the tournament, which vaulted them into second place. Jordan, himself, produced one of the best clips of the entire week after rotating into the storm circle light whilst healing with Floppers. Oceania continues to surprise with a slew of underrated players.


Fortnite Champion Series Week two 2 asia

CR Ruri, CR RizArt, Maufin1x and Riddle Bob compiled eighty-four points en route to their first FNCS Qualifier victory in the Asia region. After not finishing inside the top-five in week one, this squad rallied back in Week Two to claim one of only a few qualifying spots in this region. Their six-match run saw Ruri and his teammates combine for thirty-nine eliminations and achieve one Victory Royale. The Season X Champions and FNCS Chapter Two Warmup Champions locked up at next month’s FNCS Semifinals.

Middle East

Fortnite Champion Series Week two 2 middle east

Rounding out the seven participating regions in competitive Fortnite is the Middle East. The squad of Ethereal fdoz, Ethereal Sickerz, ETHRL NetloV and Ethereal Frenzy took first in Week Two of the qualifiers. This squad earned two Victory Royales and forty eliminations across six matches. This foursome did not manage a single elimination in their final two matches, but the victory was firmly in hand at that point. The full Ethereal squad will advance to the semifinals to compete against many other contending teams in the Middle East region.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for continued coverage of the Fortnite Champion Series in the coming weeks.

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