Fortnite: Cancel Shakedown Option To Finally Debut In Season 7

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Fortnite: Cancel Shakedown Option To Finally Debut In Season 7

After over a year of pain, Epic Games will introduce an option to cancel shakedown animations in Chapter 2 – Season 7!

Fortnite Battle Royale fans are rapidly approaching the release of Chapter 2 – Season 7, the game’s latest installment. The anticipation speaks for itself, with Epic Games orchestrating an alternate reality game (ARG), in-game alien abductions, and, more recently, a confirmed crossover with the hit cartoon Rick and Morty.

Despite all of the excitement, a further preseason update from Epic Games should have competitive and casual players dancing with joy. An in-game mechanic, known as the “shakedown,” will finally have a dedicated cancel button more than one year after its introduction.

Canceling a Shakedown Animation

Much to the delight of professional Fortnite players, Epic Games announced a long-awaited option to cancel shakedown animations. For those who aren’t sure, players can shake down their opponents when they are in a down but not out (DBNO) state. That means one player would need to deplete an enemy’s shield, putting them into a crawling animation.

Once crawling, the battle victor can shake down their enemy, revealing their teammate’s locations in the immediate area via a red marker. Epic Games first introduced shakedowns in Chapter 2 – Season 2, and it has remained ever since.

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It took quite a while, but the developers have finally granted players the option to cancel out of a shakedown in Season 7. Until this point, players who initiated a shakedown were stuck in the animation and remained susceptible to enemy fire. Now, that suffering and pain will stay in the past.

How to Cancel a Shakedown & Impact on Competitive Fortnite

After the downtime ends ahead of Season 7 on June 8,  players can start canceling their shakedowns as needed. Successfully canceling the animation requires the shaking players to press the same key they used to initiate the shakedown. Epic provided the precise instructions in the tweet shown above, which reads as follows,

“Hitting Reload or the same button/key you used to pick the opponent up will immediately drop them mid-shake, cancelling any accidental interrogations.”

This addition is a win, particularly for the competitive Fortnite scene. Occasionally, players would mistakenly press the shakedown button at the wrong time, resulting in an unfortunate elimination. Incidents as such should lessen once players start adding the cancel shakedown option into their arsenal. Fortnite’s newest season brings mystery and some positives from what we know so far, and this is the perfect example.

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