Fortnite: Boogie Bombs And Port-a-Forts Removed From Competitive Playlists

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Fortnite: Boogie Bombs And Port-a-Forts Removed From Competitive Playlists

Competitive Fortnite players rejoice, Boogie Bombs are gone.

Epic Games announced today via the FNCompetitive Twitter account that Boogie Bombs and Port-a-Forts are no longer in competitive playlists. Additionally, Epic Games reduced Crash Pad drop stacks. The change took place less than 12 hours after the NA East DreamHack Online Open for September concluded. Unfortunately, several players in that tournament and many others before it fell victim to Boogie Bomb spamming. It seems Epic Games has finally listened to competitive players’ complaints, and they are acting appropriately.

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Boogie Bombs No More

Almost no pro player would argue that the current state of Fortnite is superb. The developers have done a great job thus far, keeping Mythic abilities relatively balanced and not allowing new superpowers to enter competitive play. One of the significant issues from the beginning of Chapter 2 – Season 4 was the presence of Boogie Bombs. It’s an unfair item in every sense of the word, considering the dancing grenades often leads to a free elimination.

Competitive players prioritized Boogie Bombs as a result and could stack up to ten in their inventory. These two factors would lead to awkward mid-game fights, where one player would spam Boogie Bombs at another to line up a perfect headshot. Players on the receiving end had no defensive options.

The clip above from professional player SEN Zyfa perfectly portrays the power of Boogie Bombs. Thankfully, Epic Games came through and listened to the outcry of competitive players. Boogie Bombs are gone, which will make competitive matches much more intriguing in the future.

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Port-a-Forts Gone, Crash Pads Reduced

Epic’s decision to remove Port-a-Forts is questionable in some regards. Although the competitive community was not necessarily complaining about them, Port-a-Forts did have some broken properties. For one, they offer a low-risk high ground retake for early game fights. On top of that, players could use Port-a-Forts to capture their opponents' builds. This technique often led to an easy wall take, edit and elimination. Not many would consider Port-a-Forts overpowered, but Epic felt it necessary to remove them from competitive Fortnite.

The Crash Pad reduction could be the one negative out of these mostly positive adjustments. Crash Pads are one of the few mobility options from an item standpoint. Yes – cars, Bouncers, rifts and Shockwave Grenades all still exist, but Crash Pads are among the few reliable late-game options for rotation. The reduction makes sense, though, considering how players have been able to easily exploit into their opponents’ boxes for free eliminations with Crash Pads. Competitive players will simply have to adapt and utilize the other mobility options to their advantage.

An Overall Better Competitive Product

NRG Esports member Benjyfishy has been one of the more vocal professional Fortnite players when it comes to Boogie Bombs. He and the majority of the competitive community feel nothing but happiness after the removal of Boogie Bombs. Gone are the days of players hiding bushes with Boogie Bombs in hand. Competitive Fortnite will be much better off after these changes. The playing field is now much more level than it was before.

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