Fortnite: Black Widow Marvel Knockout Series Tournament Coming Soon

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Fortnite: Black Widow Marvel Knockout Series Tournament Coming Soon

Epic Games teases the next iteration of the Fortnite Marvel Knockout Series!

Fortnite’s Marvel Knockout Series will continue this week with another installment, leading up to a $1 million finale later this month. Beginning last month, Epic Games has hosted tournaments geared specifically toward Marvel characters as the developers continue to reveal more and more in-game cosmetics. The Daredevil Cup came first, and The Ghost Rider Cup followed shortly after that. Fortnite players in all seven competitive regions had the opportunity to earn these exclusive Marvel skins before they appeared in the Item Shop for purchase. Two tournaments remain before Epic Games unveils the Marvel Knockout Super Series $1 million Super Cup. The developers gave us a glaring hint as to who will be next.

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Epic Teases Black Widow as Next Exclusive Cup

Anyone familiar with Marvel Comics will recognize the apparent hints sent out in a tweet by Fortnite’s Twitter account. Although it’s merely a silhouette, the image and emojis included in the tweet are a clear indication that the next Marvel Knockout Series installment will be The Black Widow Cup. This tournament will be slightly different as Epic Games plans to utilize a duos format in place of trios for the remaining Marvel Knockout Series tournaments. Nevertheless, we can expect more details from Epic Games soon, but the structure should remain largely the same.

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Second Black Widow Skin = Different Appearance?

This is not the first time Fortnite players have seen Marvel’s Black Widow character in the game. She first appeared back in April 2019 for 1,500 V-Bucks, sporting her Black Widow insignia and well-known full black suit. She has not resurfaced in the Item Shop since May 2019. We likely won’t see the original anytime soon. Many wonder exactly what this newly imagine design will look like, and even Fortnite’s most reputable leakers have not captured the new appearance yet. HYPEX and many others believe that Black Widow will be wearing the same outfit that actress Scarlett Johanson, who plays Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, dons in the unreleased Black Widow film.

Keep an eye on the Fortnite Twitter account in the coming days. The next Marvel Knockout Series event will occur on November 11, which will presumably be The Black Widow Cup. We can expect to see what Black Widow’s reimagined skin will look like soon. Perhaps this image cut from the Black Widow film’s trailer could be a taste of what to expect.

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A screenshot from a Marvel movie of Scarlett Johansen playing the Black Widow crouching in a white costume

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Featured Image: Epic Games

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