Fortnite: Bizzle, Clix, Dubs And Others Change Trios Ahead Of FNCS

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Fortnite: Bizzle, Clix, Dubs And Others Change Trios Ahead Of FNCS

ESTNN breaks down the notable trio changes ahead of this weekend's first Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier.

Snake season is officially underway in the competitive Fortnite scene. Professional players are on a collision course with this season's Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) competition, which will spread $5 million across the seven competitive Fortnite regions. Less than one week stands between these top competitors and the first FNCS Qualifier. Unlike past seasons, Chapter 2 – Season 4 provided players with a week-long break after the FNCS Warmup tournament. As a result, NA East trios are changing rapidly. Bizzle, Clix, Dubs and several others have all made crucial alterations. Let's take a look at the different team changes that took place this past weekend.

Riversan, Dubs and Megga

Team Liquid's Riversan has officially left his former trio, which included Chipotle Challenger Series Champions illest and Furious in favor of FaZe Clan duo – Dubs and Megga. These three players teamed together for the Chipotle tournament, finishing in fourth place overall. According to a Tweet sent out yesterday by Dubs, he had initially wanted to team with Riversan and illest. He ultimately decided to stick with his long-time duo partner Megga instead of illest. This decision comes as a surprise, considering Riversan, Furious and illest just dominated the FNCS Warmup tournament. Regardless, elite trio scrims last night confirmed the team of Riversan, Dubs and Megga. They will be landing Lazy Lake for all future trio competitions.

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Bizzle, Clix and Illest

FaZe Bizzle became the odd man out after Dubs and Megga left to team with Riversan. Bizzle, Dubs and Megga were not meshing well. The drama between Bizzle and Zayt probably didn't help either. Bizzle will now rejoin Clix and add illest in what could be an underrated trio. Bizzle and Clix work well together, and illest has emerged as one of the top free-agents in competitive Fortnite. Trio scrims last night confirmed Bizzle, Clix and illest are currently landing at Sweaty Sands.

Zyfa, nosh and Cloud

Clix joining Bizzle and illest meant that his former teammates – Zyfa and nosh – would need to find another teammate. With limited options remaining, Zyfa and nosh added former Team SoloMid player Cloud to complete their trio. Cloud had previously competed with multiple different players before filling the void left by Clix.

Furious Left Without a Trio

Snake season, unfortunately, hit FNCS Invitational Champion Furious the hardest of anyone. After winning both the FNCS Warmup and Chipotle Challenger Series, Riversan and illest both stranded Furious on an island by himself. There aren't many opportunities available, especially with less than a week remaining until the first FNCS Qualifier. Hopefully, Furious can find himself a top team before it's too late.

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Top Trios Remain Intact

Despite these noteworthy trio changes, here are some of the best teams that remain intact heading into the first FNCS Qualifier:

  • Zayt, Saf and Stretch
  • Khanada, Bucke and Kreo
  • Av, RogueShark and Knight
  • Bugha, Jamper and Avery
  • Coop, Chap and Skqttles
  • Deyy, Mero and Reverse2k

It's safe to assume that these trios will stay the same, but you truly never know in the NA East scene. The fact that Furious is available could throw a wrench into a long-standing team. Trio scrims and tournaments will likely determine where the rest of the chips fall for the remainder of this week. Be sure to keep an eye on Twitter and player streams to see if any additional changes occur.

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