Fortnite: All NPC Locations In Season 8

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Fortnite: All NPC Locations In Season 8

Learn where to find all NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8: Cubed.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 is off and running after the Operation: Sky Fire event served as the conclusion to Season 7. Waiting for players on the other side was a whole mess of purple Cubes, new Sideways mechanics and weapons, and much more to discover. We are still in the early going, so there’s a lot more to learn as Season 8 progresses.

While there is plenty of new content, some staples from recent seasons maintain a relevant role in Fortnite. Case and point are the non-player characters (NPCs)—a concept first introduced in Chapter 2 – Season 5. These characters typically roam pre-defined spots on the map, selling items and weapons for gold. Some are hostile, while others will only attack if you strike first.

Today, we’ll take a look at all of the NPCs in Chapter 2 – Season 8 and where you can find them on the current map.

Fortnite Season 8 NPC Spawns

There are 15 NPCs in Season 8, and Epic will likely add and remove some throughout the next couple of months. As usual, some of the characters sell Exotic weapons such as the Shadow Tracker. Thanks to Fortnite content creator meetlootllama, we have a visual guide of where all NPCs spawn each game.

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Here is the complete list of characters and the landmarks where they spawn:

  • Scuba Jonesy – Coral Cove
  • Charlotte – Pleasant Park
  • Toona Fish – Viking Vessel
  • Storm Racer – Boney Burbs
  • Madcap – East of Corny Crops
  • Fabio Sparklemane – Apres Ski
  • Kor – Misty Meadows
  • J.B. Chimpmanski – Weather Station
  • The Brat – Fork Knife Food Truck
  • Penny – West of Retail Row
  • Torin – Cap’n Carp Delivery Truck
  • Dark Jonesy – Steamy Stacks
  • Kitbash – Dirty Docks
  • Dusk – Primal Pond (Sells Shadow Tracker)
  • Baba Yaga – Dampy Dish

This list will be a work in progress while figuring out which NPCs offer services and Exotic weapons. Be sure to check back here for more information in the coming days as we work to complete this list.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Season 8 Battle Pass breakdown and be on the lookout for more content!

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