Fortnite Season 8: Battle Pass Breakdown — How To Unlock All Characters & Rewards

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Fortnite Season 8: Battle Pass Breakdown — How To Unlock All Characters & Rewards

ESTNN guides Fortnite players through Chapter 2 – Season 8’s Battle Pass, and details how to unlock all of the cosmetics included.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 arrived early this morning, where players embarked on another quest to learn the ins and outs of Epic’s latest game-changing update. After destroying the Alien Mothership and witnessing thousands of purple Cubes come crashing down to the map, Fortnite fans are in for an entirely new experience in Season 8.

As the story goes—another seasonal Fortnite overhaul means a fresh Battle Pass for players to progress through. Chapter 2 – Season 8 presents another unique blend of unlockable cosmetics for a $4.99 USD investment. Some of those include Marvel Comics supervillain Carnage, a humanoid unicorn, humanoid monkey and Toona Fish—the newest Fishstick style which players can customize to their liking.

Let’s dive into the Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 Battle Pass breakdown and see what’s available to unlock in each tier.

Page 1 – Charlotte

The Fortnite character Charlotte, a young girl with dark hair wearing a black skater skirt and grey t-shirt

Kicking off the Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 Battle Pass is Charlotte, a female character model with a gothic appearance. Her original style sports a gray t-shirt, tattoos, black skirt and dark hair. Anyone who purchases the Battle Pass will unlock Charlotte automatically without having to spend Battle Stars.

Page 2 – Demonslayer Blade

The Demonslayer Blade katana available on Page 2 of the Battle Pass

Page number two of the Battle Pass features the Demonslayer Blade, which is Charlotte’s pickaxe. It swings the same as Blade’s pickaxe and has a sleek white hilt with a shiny silver blade. The Demonslayer Blade costs seven Battle Stars once players complete page one and move to page two.

Page 3 – Charlotte (Enchanted Spirit)

Charlotte'sEnchanted Spirit skin, showing the character wearing an Eastern style martial arts robe with glowing green eyes

Players who reach page three can unlock Charlotte’s first alternate style, named Enchanted Spirit. This variation features the Season 8 original character with a white kimono dress, green streaks in her hair, a ninja-like mask and glowing green eyes. She’ll cost your eight Battle Stars when reaching page three.

Page 4 – Kor

The new villain, Kor, a character with blue eye, black wardrobe and half red half black hair

Unique character concept number two in the Battle Pass belongs to Kor. This outfit gives off serious villain vibes, with her blue eye, black wardrobe and half red half black hair. Kor seems like she’d make a perfect James Bond villainess, and players will need to exchange nine Battle Stars to unlock here on page four.

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Page 5 – Kor (Trenchcoat) / Fabio Sparklemane

The anthropomorphic, bipedal Unicorn, Fabio Glittermane, a pink Unicorn with a six pack and a rainbow mane

As if Kor’s base character model was not intimidating enough, here comes Kor’s “Trenchcoat” variation. Her first alternate outfit is identical to the original style but with a red trench coat draped over her. She’ll cost eight Battle Stars on page five. Another unique concept named Fabio Sparklement appears on page five also. This humanoid unicorn is a cereal mascot in Fortnite form and requires nine Battle Stars to unlock.

Page 6 – Fabio Sparklemane (Golden Crunch)

The Golden Crunch version of Fabio Sparklemane's skin, with the Unicorn's colors in gold and purple

Fabio Sparklemane appears on page six yet again with its “Golden Crunch” style. That’ll cost players eight Battle Stars after reaching this level of the Battle Pass. Additionally, Kor has another unlockable variant named “Tactical Gray” on page six, which goes for eight Battle Stars when reaching level 50 or claiming 35 rewards.

Page 7 – J.B. Chimpanski

The character J.B Chimpmanski's skin, featuring a golden astronaut suit, athick mustache and a pair of sunglasses

Season 8’s main character—J.B. Chimpmanski—makes his first appearance on page seven of the Battle Pass. His original style features the monkey character model with a golden astronaut suit, an interesting mustache and a pair of shades. Nine Battle Stars can be exchanged for this character outfit once claiming 47 rewards or reaching level 60.

Page 8 – Torin

The new Fortnite character, Torin, featuring a “Legendary” rarity, blue, purple and black color scheme and white hair

Debuting character Torin becomes unlockable on page eight after claiming 60 rewards or reaching level 70. She sports a “Legendary” rarity, blue, purple and black color scheme and white hair. Some of her corresponding cosmetics include her Lightblade pickaxe and Dimensional Camo wrap.

Page 9 – J.B. Chimpmanski (Nebula Rose)

J.B. Chimpmanski's Nebula Rose recolor, featuring a pink astronaut suit

J.B. Chimpmanski’s first alternate style is called Nebula Rose. This variant is similar to the original, with the only difference being a pink spacesuit. Other standouts on page nine are a Sideways Shift emote, which turns Torin into a different form. The Monkey Mosh emote also appears on this page. Players need to be level 80 or claim 74 rewards to have access to page nine.

Page 10 – Carnage

The Carnage skin, showing the symbiote supervillain in his flayed skin

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8’s Battle Pass is anchored by Marvel Comics villain Cletus Kasady, known as Carnage. Like Venom—who debuted back in Chapter 2 – Season 4–Carnage is a product of the alien symbiote in the Spider-Man comic series. Rumors months ago revealed that Epic Games had been working on a Carnage skin. However, the developers delayed the outfit. With Venom: Let There Be Carnage due to release in a few weeks, now’s the perfect time for the iconic Marvel villain to appear.

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Players have to claim 89 rewards or reach level 90 to gain access to Carnage. He costs nine Battle Stars and comes with a symbiote glider and built-in Carnage Cleaver pickaxe. He is without question the most recognizable aspect of the Season 8 Battle Pass.

Toona Fish Color Bottles

The game screen showing the Toona Fish Color Bottles players can use to change their skins in Toona Styles

Perhaps the coolest addition to Season 8 is another take on the Fishstick skin. Dubbed Toona Fish, this outfit sports a toon design similar to that of Cartoon Meowscles. Like the customizable Kymera alien last season, players can collect Color Bottles in-game to change their Toona Fish’s color scheme. There are 21 bottles in total across the Season 8 landscape.

Toona Fish Character Styles

The Toona Paint screen, showing the different inks and color bottles required for different skins Toona styles

What’s more, the Toona Fish skin can be painted like some popular Character Styles. Players can select a classic outfit, and the Toona Fish skin will follow the same color scheme. To unlock these, you’ll need to find Rainbow Ink, which, like Color Bottles, appear in various locations around the map.

Bonus 1 – Maximum Carnage

The Maximum Carnage skin, showing the symbiote supervillain in his flayed skin with mutated tendrils sprouting from his back

After completing all ten pages of the Battle Pass and collecting the rewards, players will access the Bonus Rewards. An alternate version of Charlotte, Kor, J.B. Chimpmanski and Maximum Carnage highlight the first page of the bonus Battle Pass.

Bonus 2 – Fabio Sparklemane (Flame-Roasted)

The Flame Roasted version of the Fabio Sparklemane skin, featuring a flaming mane and charcoal skin

Page two of the Bonus Rewards feature the Flame-Roasted variant of Fabio Sparklemane, Torin’s Sideways Stalker and J.B. Chimpmanski’s Lunar Surface. Players must claim all 104 Battle Pass rewards before gaining access to this tier.

Season 8 Emotes

The video above per HYPEX showcases all of the emotes in the Season 8 Battle Pass.

That covers all of the known Battle Pass rewards in Chapter 2 – Season 8. Now, drop off the Battle Bus and start leveling up and completing those challenges. You’ll have Carnage unlocked before you know it!

Featured Image: Epic Games

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