Fortnite: 6 NA East Trios To Keep An Eye On In Chapter 2 – Season 7

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Fortnite: 6 NA East Trios To Keep An Eye On In Chapter 2 – Season 7

A look at some noteworthy NA East trios heading into the $3M USD FNCS.

Less than one week remains until the first of three Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 – Season 7 Qualifiers. Competitive fans have witnessed the trio landscape for four consecutive seasons, and there is a clear gap in talent for most regions. With another major tournament on deck, there’s a lot to digest before the action gets underway.

The NA East region brings a bit of everything to the table. Team splits, insane mechanics and pulse-pounding end games are just a few of the many offerings for those who follow the North American scene. Fortnite’s brief offseason led to the creation of many new teams, while others remain content with recent results and successes.

Today, ESTNN looks at six NA East trios trending in the right direction and the intriguing storylines building throughout. But first, let’s take a look at the two teams that have already secured their position in the Season 7 Finals.

Automatically Qualified for Season 7 Finals

  • ENDL8SS Reverse2k, ENDL8SS Mero and ENDL8SS Deyy
  • TSM FTX Commandment, FaZe Cented and NRG Edgey
  • Saf, Liquid STRETCH and C9 Avery (Forfeited due to split)

Now, let’s get into the trios to watch for and dive deep into any drama that has brought us to this point.

G2 Jahq, 1% Acorn and LG Slackes

Recent Results:

  • 62nd DreamHack Cash Cup Extra
  • 2nd Trio Cash Cup
  • 13th FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6
  • 9th Typical Gamer Cup
  • 9th Trio Cash Cup
  • 4th Trio Cash Cup
  • 5th Trio Cash Cup
  • 1st FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5

The Chapter 2 – Season 5 Champions are due for a rebound from their 13th place finish in the Season 6 Finals. No one can argue that Jahq, Acorn and Slackes are a top-five NA East trio, regardless of the season or meta. We know exactly what they will do—alpha Slurpy Swamp, and, hopefully, the zone and loot randomness leans in their favor. Jahq, Acorn and Slackes just finished second in the July 19 Trio Cash Cup, falling to the Season 6 Champs by one point. These three are trending in the right direction and should perform well in FNCS Season 7.

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BBG Khanada, Saf and Liquid STRETCH

Recent Results:

  • 7th DreamHack Cash Cup Extra
  • 6th Trio Cash Cup
  • 1st DreamHack Cash Cup Extra
  • 23rd Trio Cash Cup

The bronze trio from FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 is no more. Liquid STRETCH and Saf decided to move on from C9 Avery in favor of BBG Khanada for Chapter 2 – Season 7. Many questioned the decision, considering the implications of forfeiting an automatic spot in the Season 7 Finals, but this trio seems to be well off regardless. Since joining forces, Saf, STRETCH and Khanada have won a Cash Cup Extra and finished seventh in another. It’s hard to argue those results. This trio has all the makings of a potential FNCS winner.

SEN Bugha, C9 Avery and C9 nosh

Recent Results:

  • 9th DreamHack Cash Cup Extra
  • 89th Trio Cash Cup

The era of Bizzle, Bugha and Clix has come to an end. After losing Sweaty Sands to end last season, all three players mutually agreed to part ways. The Fortnite World Cup Champ looked to C9 Avery—his trio teammate from Season 3 and Season 4—to contend for an Axe of Champions. Bugha briefly left Avery to join Deyy and Mero but ultimately came to his senses and settled with Avery and C9 nosh as his Season 7 teammates. Thus far, their best finish is a ninth in the second DreamHack Cash Cup Extra of the season. Bugha is still itching for his first FNCS title, and this could be his time.

TNG Okis, Ghost Blake and Liquid Scoped

Recent Results:

  • 38th DreamHack Cash Cup Extra
  • 3rd Trio Cash Cup
  • 7th DreamHack Cash Cup Extra
  • 74th Trio Cash Cup

A new trio this season—TNG Okis, Ghost Blake and Liquid Scoped—are in good form heading into FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 7. Their results over the last few weeks include a top-three Trio Cash Cup result and seventh in the Cash Cup Extra. Okis, Blake and Scoped have struggled to find consistent results and teammates since trios became the primary format. Perhaps their mix of in-game leading with Blake and fragging ability with Scoped and Okis will carry them to the top. We’ll have to see how the qualifiers play out to make that judgement.

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Threats, Rise and LG Jamper

Recent Results:

  • 33rd Cash Cup Extra
  • 24th Trio Cash Cup
  • 5th FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6
  • 2nd Trio Cash Cup
  • 18th Trio Cash Cup

Before yesterday, you could call Threats, Rise and LG Jamper a dark horse trio heading into FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 7. On the heels of a tremendous Cash Cup Extra win, they are no longer underdogs. Their fifth-place FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 performance showed what Threats, Rise and Jamper can accomplish at the highest level. One season later, they have stuck together and seem to mesh well as a trio. Keep a close watch on these three as the qualifiers progress.

TNA Looter, TNA Speedy and TNA Muz

Recent Results:

  • 13th DreamHack Cash Cup Extra (NAE)
  • 111th Trio Cash Cup (NAE)
  • 40th DreamHack Cash Cup Extra (NAE)
  • 56th Trio Cash Cup (NAE)
  • 1st FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 (OCE)
  • 1st FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5 (OCE)

It was impossible not to include the dominant Aussie triumvirate on this list. All eyes are on two-time FNCS Champions Looter, Speedy and Muz in Chapter 2 – Season 7. Their dominance over the OCE region echoed across the world of competitive Fortnite. Thankfully, Team New Age acquired all three and brought them to the states for a chance to hang with the best of the best. It’s a tall task, but Looter, Speedy and Muz have improved with each passing event. Can they hang with NA East’s top dogs? We’ll have to see as the qualifiers unfold.

Did we miss anyone that should have been on the list? Let us know on Twitter @ESTNN.

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