Fortnite: Aussie Standouts Looter, Muz & Speedy Join Team New Age, Will Relocate To NA East

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Fortnite: Aussie Standouts Looter, Muz & Speedy Join Team New Age, Will Relocate To NA East

The best Australian Fortnite trio has joined a new organization and will move to North America.

Competitive Fortnite Battle Royale is a phenomenon that encompasses seven worldwide regions, many of which the casual fan may never notice. Most marquee names compete either out of North America or Europe, given the sheer volume of each player. Factor in the heftier prize pools, and it stands to reason why players from other regions receive a small fraction of the attention, despite their immense skills and abilities.

Take, for example, Looter, Muz and Speedy — three of Australia’s best players and unquestionably the country’s best trio. They’ve won countless events and consistently fly under the radar in the grand scheme of competitive Fortnite. However, that will be coming to an end relatively soon. The Aussie powerhouses have signed with esports organization Team New Age and will relocate stateside for a future $3M USD Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) competition.

TNA Muz, Looter & Speedy

Team New Age, who had once housed three former NA East FNCS Champions, has secured the top Australian squad. TNA made the announcement on Twitter alongside a YouTube video. With Fortnite commentator AussieAntics involved, Team New Age revealed the signings of Muz, Looter and Speedy. More excitingly, the three players will be moving to compete in NA East possibly next season.

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TNA’s founder Joaquin discussed the signings on Twitter shortly after the announcement.

“First time we ever signed pro Fortnite players outside of the US, so excited for this journey with @SpeedyND @looterZK & @MuzFN
Time to win a title on OCE and prove to everyone on NAE that they’re some of the best players in the world. LETS GO!!!”


Their relocation would mark the second time a top Oceanic team made the journey to North America. Zoreh, Parpy and Jahlyn did the same in Season X, where they finished the FNCS in ninth place. Muz, Looter and Speedy are a different breed entirely, having claimed the OCE Axe of Champions in Chapter 2 – Season 5.

Cross-regional Fortnite competitions are the best for storylines and learning how players from different countries stack up against each other. There’s no reason to believe that Muz, Looter and Speedy could not contend for an FNCS title in North America. Their dominance in a top-heavy region like Oceania could translate to NA East.

It’s a significant storyline that will be worth watching as Team New Age looks to claim another championship, this time with a trio of Aussies.

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