Fortnite: $250k January DreamHack Online Open, Format, Dates & How To Register

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Fortnite: $250k January DreamHack Online Open, Format, Dates & How To Register

Learn about what could be the final DreamHack Fortnite tournament of 2021.

DreamHack helped save competitive Fortnite: Battle Royale in 2020. In a world where offline competitions were not possible, the Swedish organization hosted multiple monthly tournaments to fill the void. Players in Fortnite's three most significant regions – Europe, NA East and NA West – competed over the last six months for more than $1 million in prize money. Polish player ‘teeq' stood out as one of the many competitors who reaped the benefits that DreamHack provided. He won two back-to-back solo tournaments, and just last month, added a third in the duos format.

Several others claimed their first notable tournament victories under DreamHack's format and scoring system. January could mark the end for DreamHack's Online Open featuring Fortnite. However, millions have partaken in the monthly competitions, which the organization referenced in a recent press release. “More than 3 million players have registered for tournaments since they began, and December had the most registrants to date with more than 830,000 players.” With no announcement of future events, Fortnite players will look to make January the best yet.

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DreamHack Online Open January Format and Dates

DreamHack switched the tournament format from solos to duos in November of 2020 due to overwhelming feedback from the competitive scene. Duos will remain for all three regional tournaments in January. Here is a brief refresher of the competition's structure and format:

  • Two open qualifiers with 250 duos advancing from each heat to the semifinals.
  • Each duo can play a maximum of 10 games during the three-hour heat.
  • Semifinals with 50 duos advancing to the Grand Final.
  • Each duo can play a maximum of 10 games during the three-hour heat.
  • Grand Final with eight consecutive games at scheduled times.
  • A new game starts every 40 minutes.
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This month's action kicks off with the NA West region, followed by NA East, and then wrapping up with Europe. Here's a full breakdown of the tournament dates and times:

North America West

  • First Heat: January 22 | 6pm PST (not broadcasted)
  • Second Heat: January 30 | 2pm PST
  • Semifinals: January 30 | 6pm PST
  • Grand Finals: January 31 | 2pm PST

North American East 

  • First Heat: January 22 | 6pm EST (not broadcasted)
  • Second Heat: January 23 | 2pm EST
  • Semifinals: January 23 | 6pm EST
  • Grand Finals: January 24 | 2pm EST


  • First Heat: January 24 | 2pm CET (not broadcasted)
  • Second Heat: January 24 | 5pm CET (not broadcasted)
  • Third Heat: January 30 | 2pm CET
  • Semifinals: January 30 | 6pm CET
  • Grand Finals: January 31 | 2pm CET

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How to Register for the January DreamHack Online Open

Registration is now open for this month's competition. Remember, teams can participate in all three regions if they so choose. Click here to access the registration form for January's tournament. Competitors must be at least 13 years of age and should follow the instructions listed.

DreamHack has not committed to hosting more Fortnite tournaments beyond this month. Be sure to sign up for what could be the final DreamHack Online Open tournament.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!

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