FNATIC vs LOUD Preview and Predictions – Valorant Champions 2023

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FNATIC vs LOUD Preview and Predictions – Valorant Champions 2023

The playoffs bracket of Valorant Champions 2023 continues with the FNATIC vs LOUD matchup

In Valorant, there's no other current rivalry quite as intense as the one between FNATIC and LOUD. Both teams have dominated their respective regional leagues to qualify for the international events. While FNATIC has enjoyed more success on the global stage this season, LOUD will approach their upcoming showdown with a boost in confidence, thanks to their earlier victory over FNATIC in the playoff's opening round.

Now, the question is whether the European giants, FNATIC, will continue their quest for a third title this season or if LOUD will keep their dream of defending the championship alive. Let's delve into the predictions:


The loss against LOUD in the upper-quarter finals did little to sway the confidence of Boaster’s team. FNATIC are well on course for a lower bracket run.  First, they made quick work of FUT Esports, and despite a shaky beginning in the next matchup against DRX, the Masters Tokyo Champions made a remarkable comeback to clinch a 2-1 series victory. As FNATIC prepares for a potential rematch with LOUD, if they address their previous mistakes and make certain adjustments, we might see a repeat of the LOCK//IN Grand Finals.


Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov

  • Role: Flex
  • VLR Rating: 1.17
  • ACS: 220.2

Jake “Boaster” Howlett

  • Role: IGL
  • VLR Rating: 1.00
  • ACS: 166.1

Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev

  • Role: Duelist
  • VLR Rating: 1.14
  • ACS: 259.7

Leo “Leo” Jannesson

  • Role: Initiator
  • VLR Rating: 1.22
  • ACS: 205.4

Emir “Alfajer” Beder

  • Role: Sentinel
  • VLR Rating: 1.22
  • ACS: 222.2

Most Kills

Map 1: Alfajer

Map 2: Alfajer

Map 3: Leo

Most Assists

Map 1: Leo

Map 2: Leo

Map 3: Chronicle 

Most Deaths

Map 1: Boaster

Map 2: Boaster

Map 3: Derke



LOUD have been as clutch as it gets throughout the event. On two occasions, they found themselves teetering on the brink of elimination. First, it was against NAVI in the group stage, and then the nail-biter against EDward Gaming in their last encounter. Both times, the Brazilians managed to squeeze out a win despite being a map down. As LOUD set their sights on another showdown with FNATIC, maintaining this level of poise and mental fortitude will be essential if they wish to beat Boastet and Co again


Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro

  • Role: IGL
  • VLR Rating: 0.94
  • ACS: 191.4

Arthur “tuyz” Vieira

  • Role: Controller
  • VLR Rating: 1.01
  • ACS: 170.2

Cauan “cauanzin” Pereira

  • Role: Initiator
  • VLR Rating: 1.05
  • ACS: 200.0

Felipe “Less” Basso 

  • Role: Controller/Sentinel
  • VLR Rating: 1.16
  • ACS: 227.7

Erick “aspas” Santos

  • Role: Duelist
  • VLR Rating: 1.18
  • ACS: 239.9

Most Kills

Map 1: aspas

Map 2: Less

Map 3: aspas

Most Assists

Map 1: tuyz

Map 2: saadhak

Map 3: tuyz

Most Deaths

Map 1: saadhak

Map 2: saadhak

Map 3: cauanzin 

Valorant Champions 2023 – FNATIC vs LOUD Predictions

We predict FNATIC to win 2-1 and send LOUD packing.

FNATIC vs LOUD – Head-to-Head Record



  • Ascent
  • Split
  • Fracture


  • Map 1: FNATIC to win by +3>
  • Map 2: LOUD to win in OT
  • Map 3: FNATIC to win by +3<

LOUD vs FNATIC First Blood 

Map 1: Less

Map 2: Alfajer

Map 3: Derke

FNATIC vs LOUD Most First Kills

Map 1: aspas

Map 2: Derke

Map 3: Derke

LOUD vs FNATIC Top Fragger


FNATIC vs LOUD Most Clutches


Valorant Champions 2023 – FNATIC vs LOUD Match Links

FNATIC vs LOUD Match Time

August 24, 2023 – 15:00 PT / 18:00 ET

August 25, 2023 – 00:00 CEST

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FNATIC vs LOUD Preview and Predictions – Valorant Champions 2023
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