FM24 QoL Updates – New FM Quality of Life Changes Coming

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FM24 QoL Updates – New FM Quality of Life Changes Coming

There are a bunch of new FM24 QoL updates coming with the latest release in the title. What’s going to change in the most advanced football managing simulator?

We’ve already seen quite a few impressive new features announced for Football Manager 24, including some changes to management and other areas of the simulation. We’re going further though. Just shy of release, we’ve got a new batch of new FM24 QoL updates unveiled. What big changes are coming?

The developer is introducing major changes but also these smaller improvements. When taken as a whole, it all adds up to a much better experience. We’re getting more ways to track performance and other features. Plus, wider expansions to manager creation to be more inclusive and accessible. None of these are exactly headline items but they’re definitely going to make a difference across the game.

As Football Manager 24 quality of life changes, some of these aren’t the biggest. In all though it’s going to contribute to a game that has a considerably smoother experience for players. The Football Manager 24 QoL updates should add up to a bigger difference.

What big changes are coming as FM24 Quality of Life changes? This is what’s coming and what’s been announced as new Football Manager 24 quality of life changes.

FM24 QoL Updates

Fixture Scheduling

Devs have tried to address problems that have been popping up over fixtures getting grouped together in a short period of time. Clubs who are in more than one competition at once should now how fixtures spread out a little better, to keep that end-of-season period much more manageable.

Staff Changes

FM24 QoL Updates

Another of the big FM24 QoL updates are attribute changes. Alongside the same information for players, you can see the attribute changes of your non-playing staff too It’s all visible in coaching. You can find this information in that section for everyone involved in your team now.

Youth System Rankings – Football Manager 24 QoL updates

A new ranking system will be in the game to help show more info on upcoming players. When you achieve new milestones you’ll get an item box with a full ranking of the various academies. It’ll help you see how the Youth side of the operation is going, important for fostering new talent.

Manager Creation in FM24 QoL Updates

FM24 QoL Updates

The manager creator area has been expanded out. There are now extra options for all players to further customize their managers and make the feature more inclusive. This is a nice change which will help more people feel represented by the manager creation tool. Plus face paint is always fun! These are some of the new options that have been thrown in:

  • Improvements to Faces
  • More Hairstyles
  • New Textures
  • New Outfits
  • Face Paint
  • Lapel Badges
  • Ability Aids

Along with new additions here, developers have also polished what was already in the game. It’s one of the bigger improvements they’re calling quality of life changes.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct section is where you’ll deal with discipline. You’re able to check the code of conduct that’s come in recently and try to stay more consistent in keeping to it each year. The new innovations will allow you to keep up with what’s been agreed on much easier.

Accessibility Changes in Football Manager 24 QoL Updates

A few of the other FM24 QoL updates are making improvements to make the whole experience more accessible. There’s now an epilepsy warning, font descriptions, and better-structured sliders. It might not affect every player, but these alterations will make things nicer for quite a few players.

Comparing Against Teams – New Football Manager 24 Quality of Life Improvements

There’s now a direct option in the game to pick another team and compare all of your past results against them. It’s one of the new Football Manager 24 Quality of life changes for rivalries. That’s replacing a more limited system in the series’ past. This will help you keep yourself on track and draw more comparisons to others in each competition.

Dynamic Manager Timeline – Football Manager 24 QoL Updates

FM24 QoL Updates

New events have been added to Dynamic Manager Timeline, a new FM feature added in the last title. In the Football Manager 24 release, it’s going much further. These are the new events we’re getting as part of the FM24 QoL Updates:

  • Win or draw from being three goals behind
  • Score a deciding goal to win or draw in extra time
  • A title race goes to the final minutes
  • Breaking the youngest player record at your club
  • Beating a rival after years of losses
  • Losing to a rival after years of wins
  • Players getting an international debut
  • Spending a new record in money for a player.

Those are the latest batch of new FM 24 QoL improvements. Along with the wider new features in FM 24, it’s all adding up to make the game considerably more exciting for new and returning players. We’re getting quite a few more QoL changes announced in the coming days. Hopefully, it’s going to add up to a much better experience when the game does launch.

FM24 QoL Updates – New FM Quality of Life Changes Coming
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