Football Manager 2024 Release Date and Trailer Revealed

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Football Manager 2024 Release Date and Trailer Revealed

Football Manager 2024 just got a release date. Find out about the Football Manager 2024 release date and more

Sports Interactive has just unveiled the Football Manager 2024 announce trailer on YouTube, showcasing the fresh cover art and revealing the Football Manager 2024 release date, sparking excitement ahead of the game's upcoming feature reveals.

Although the release of Football Manager 2024 is still several months away, Sports Interactive (SI) has unveiled important details about the forthcoming game. SI's studio manager has lauded FM24 as the “definitive edition” of Football Manager, setting high expectations. While SI has remained tight-lipped about certain aspects, here's a glimpse of what fans can anticipate regarding the FM24 release date, early access, save transferability, and more.

Football Manager 2024 Release Date: When is FM24 Coming Out?

Football Manager 2024 is all set to hit the gaming world on November 6. Sega has officially unveiled the release date in conjunction with the announcement trailer.

Football Manager 2024 is gearing up for a multi-platform release, spanning PC, MacOS, iOS, Android, Xbox Series X and S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5. Traditionally, FM games follow a pattern where they premiere on PC and Mac before expanding to additional platforms in later phases.

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Keeping up with that trend, FM24 Console is set to launch on Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass for PC on November 6th. Furthermore, subscribers to Xbox Game Pass for PC can fully immerse themselves in this iconic desktop classic. The game will rolled out to other platforms at later dates.