EURO 2024 Wonderkids on Football Manager 2024 – how do They Stack up

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EURO 2024 Wonderkids on Football Manager 2024 – how do They Stack up

EURO 2024 is in full flow, and for those of us who love football and gaming we can combine those two on Football Manager.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the standout EURO 2024 wonderkids, and look at how they fair in Football Manager 24. In the article, we'll give some examples of how these players look at the start of the 2027 campaign to give some idea of how these players develop. As a note, none of these players have been influenced by me, so any stats would likely be a lot better if you signed them yourself.

EURO 2024 Wonderkids

Lamine Yamal

Some players break into the world stage, and among the discussion about how good they are there's always a Football Manager player saying “I knew him already” Lamine Yamal is that player. Yamal is a special talent in FM24, though good luck actually getting him out of Barcelona. If you do, however, he's one of the most talented players in the game and can grow to become one of the very best.

At just 16 years of age, Yamal is some talent. He has started 3 of Spain's first four matches, and assisted twice already. But how does he stack up in Football Manager?

Yamal FM stats

Yamal is, to put it simply, a machine. While he could still do with some improvements to his physical stats, his is tailor-made for almost any midfield roles. We'd probably suggest putting him in support or attacking roles, as his marking and positioning are not the best. But, he will shine as an attacking midfielder or out wide, probably playing on the right side cutting onto his left.

EURO 2024 Wonderkids
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Possibly one of the best players at EURO 2024, let alone the best Wonderkid. Musiala has played all four games for Germany so far scoring 3 times. And given how bad England have been at scoring goals, there will be some slight envy that he chose to play for Germany and not England.

Musiala FM

Once again, Musiala is a gift in FM24. Similar stats wise to Yamal, but his increased age shows as he's almost fully developed in 2027. A key starter for Bayern, he averages over 7.5 a season and is demanding over 300m to leave the club. One to sign early for sure.

As for his roles, he can play central or on the wings, but it's out wide that we see the best out of him. FM24 has a lot of very strong left sided wingers, and Musiala is probably the best of the lot a few seasons in. His stamina might be a little low for some that demand a lot from him on defence, but honestly, this man is an attacking machine.

Jude Bellingham

Bellingham has already bailed England out twice during the EURO 2024 matches thus far. His last-minute goal against Slovakia sparking a revival in the last 16. While he's maybe look less impressive in the other two games, it's clear that England's shape is starving him of creative space. With England playing the way they are, and sides sitting off them, Jude is getting choked in the middle of the park. But, Jude is a moment player, and his overhead kick against Slovakia will go down as one of the best.

Bellingham FM

On FM24, Jude is a monster in midfield. Most likely played in the central spot, used as a Mezzala or Advanced Playmaker, Jude can operate anywhere in the attacking middle. If it were us, and believe me I've tried to sign him many times on my Southampton save, I'd have him high up as my Attacking Midfielder sitting behind my striker. By 2027, Jude has nearly managed 3 seasons at an average of 8 ratings over the duration of a season.

While he's possibly one of the hardest players to actually sign, if you can, you have a special player.

Giorgi Mamardasvili

While a hard name to pronounce, Giorgi has shown everyone at the EUROs why he's one of the best keepers on the market right now. Giorgi has been getting 8/10 ratings in games his team has conceded 2 or more goals, which goes to show just how good he is. When it comes to FM24, he's also one of the easier players on this list.

Giorgi Mamardasvili FM

Keepers can be fairly weird in FM24, and Giorgi isn't helped by the fact he's been sold to PSG and isn't starting. That said, he's still young, and keepers on FM rarely lose much of their edge as they get older. His distribution is likely his biggest weakness, but if used in a sweeper-keeper role, and trained to help his short distribution you would easily see the results.

EURO 2024 Wonderkids on Football Manager 2024 – how do They Stack up
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