Best FM 24 Tactics – Leave the Tactics to us

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Best FM 24 Tactics – Leave the Tactics to us

It can be a pain to get your FM 24 Tactics right, so, we've found a few that we think will start you well. We've also put one of them to the test and we think it's our new favourite.

A good FM 24 Tactic can set you up for a great season, get it wrong, however, and you'll be struggling from day one. While FM 24 is only just out, there are already some solid tactics floating around the web. If you want to see our first tactic seen in action, we highly suggest checking out our NUFC FM 24 Story, we change the tactic in part 3, and, well, it's solid.

We'll update this article with more tactics as the game rolls out, and look to test these all ourselves.

Best FM 24 Tactics

4-1-2-3 (4-3-3) – dominate the middle (fully tested by us in our story save)

Newcastle United Taking on Europe - A Football Manager 24 Story, Part 3 A tactical tweak

So, we tested this tactic for a full season in our FM 24 story, and spoilers for that but it's pretty bloody good. Now, we'll admit, in our testing it left us really exposed at the back, some of that might be down to Schar not being as good in FM as he is in real life, and also the fact Bruno G isn't the best DM (we fix it in the second season don't worry). But as you can see in the table below, it's a really nice tactic, that got us to a solid league finish and two cup finals. You'll need to check out our FM Story to find out if we won those or not.

Destiny 2 Rathil Boss Guide

Some special instructions on this one:

GK – Tackle Harder

Wing Backs – Cross Less Often – Shoot Less Often – Stay Wider – Tackle Harder

CB – Dribble More – Close Down Less

DM – Tackle Harder – Mark Tighter

CM – Get Further Forward – Tackle Harder

IF – Sit Narrower – Tackle Harder – Roam

AF – Shoot More Often – Tackle Harder

Final games s1

4-2-3-1 – overlap to attack

FM 24 tactics

This tactic should work with any team, providing you buy well to fill the gaps. It's a pretty solid use of the wings, overloading the attack, while providing cover in the middle of the pitch. The key to the attack from an attacking POV is the wingers coming inside, with the full-backs overlapping on the wings. The SS will support the striker and the rest is history. It's a solid tactic, and one that many people probably used a version of in FM 23.

Some special instructions on this one:

GK – No extra

Wing Backs – Stay Wider and Run Wide With the ball

CB – No extra

DM – Fewer Risks – Tackle Harder

VOL – Move Into Channels

IW – Roam From Position

IF – Roam From Position

SS – Roam From Position

AF – Shoot More Often


That's it for now, but we'll update this guide as soon as we can get more saves in. We're testing a third tactic right now and will add it to this article ASAP. As the full release comes out we'll also make more editions. For now, we think most FM 23 tactics should work, but might require a few positional or minor tactical tweaks due to the updated tactics engine.

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