Football Manager 24 New Features Explained – Best Additions

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Football Manager 24 New Features Explained – Best Additions

What are the Football Manager 24 new features? Far from just being a roster update, there are a number of Football Manager 24 changes which are going to make the game even more immersive.

The new Football Manager features in 2024 are going to solve some major problems that the game has had in the past. We’re looking at quality of life improvements, new systems for dealing with players, big enhancements to logic in-game, more than enough to warrant a brand-new entry. While it’s easily to dismiss these titles as nothing but roster updates, the Football Manager 24 new features definitely make the game worthy of playing beyond older editions in the title. Just like with recent EA FC release, the new Football Manager looks like a bigger leap forward rather than just a seasonal change.

With older versions of football manager lying around, why jump into the latest one? There are some major upgrades planned. Once we get to the Football Manager 24 release date we’ll get our hands on a much more solid version of the management sim. The Football Manager 24 changes are big enough to make you not want to go back to the older titles.

We’re going to run through all of the new Football manager 24 features. These are the new additions to how the game works which will make the game feels considerably more realistic and immersive than the older titles in the series.

Football Manager 24 New Features

As promised, developers behind Football Manager 24 have updated us with a new set of quality of life upgrades! This second batch will help improve a few areas of the gameplay and better optimise the entire game when it comes to running it. What are the second round of FM24 QoL updates?

Match Prep

fm24 qol updates

One exciting new area for the Football Manager 24 QoL upgrades is your prep for each match. Every fixture in the game needs a bit of preparation and there are new tools to help you do that right. In the lead-up to a fixture, you’ll get mail which will allow you to set a focus for a match. You’ll be able to set a focus for the match as a whole, a tactical focus, and two set pieces focuses. These focuses will allow you to control tactics and try to get your entire team on the same page for the coming fixture.

With this one of the Football Manager 24 QoL updates, you can get more granular than overall goals. You can also choose set piece preparations too. These will show you staff recommendations and your opposing teams’ strengths or weak points too.

Development Center Changes

In your development center, you’ll now be able to offer players out to clubs for loan. You’ll directly be able to offer upcoming players to other clubs to get them experience starting on the first team. This little extra control should help you strategize with rising young players.

Match Briefing

fm24 qol updates

Along with prep for match tactics, you’re also able to experience a better pre-match briefing feedback. The reactions from both your captain and vice-captain will be shown as important feedback now. You’ll also be able to check the reactions of other players independently too. This lets you get more hands-on, a decent inclusion in the FM24 QoL updates.

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New Viewing and Manager Stats

Another new feature that’ll land right in your inbox are the League Title and Champion stats. You’ll get stats from those who have become the champions for that season.

Another new feature in the fm24 QoL updates is coming for how you assess other teams. You’ll be able to see the duration at team of rival managers. Great for personally comparing your time served to other managers in the game.

Fantasy Draft – Football Manager 24 Quality of Life Updates

The Fantasy Draft part of the game is also receiving some Football Manager 24 QoL updates. These are some of the changes here.

  • Shortlist Functionality now shows only players who fit restrictions
  • Skip button added, finally

Swapping Players

fm24 qol updates

Transfer Negotiations can also be a tricky part of the game. With the FM 24 QoL upgrades, you’ll be able to offer other players a trade much easier. This is all now in a dropdown menu, no need to navigate through screens to find these options.

Competition Rule Changes

Some more minor changes have been made to all of the rules and other systems governing the game. These are some of the most important fm24 QoL updates here:

  • Gibraltar is now a playable nation by default.
  • English Work Permit system upgraded
  • Changes to large-scale competition formats
  • Youth system in English leagues will now move up or down depending on youth club’s rating.
  • More than three nations can host a tournament
  • Canadian Premier League playoffs now have dynamic format.
  • Subs and Foreign players have been standardized
  • Argentina has a new aggregate table for the continental club competitions
  • New Foreign Player Rules in Super League
  • Turkey now has dynamic drawing for teams.

Optimization and Speed

The final FM24 QoL updates are in performance. The game has tons of new features but devs have been working harder to optimize everything. Apparently, the game will run considerably smoother. With all of the improvements we’ve seen this is welcome news for anyone playing on less-than-ideal hardware.

Individual Player Targets and Interaction Logic

Football manager 24 new features

One of the biggest new Football Manager features is going to be individual payer targets. Starting in Football Manager 2024, you can set individual targets for players to strive for. These targets give them a real goal and can help improve as a player. You can exclusively target the areas that players need to improve, so you can level up your team.

The new individual player targets can help to improve your squad and those you have away on loan. There are a few different areas we know are coming as part of the Football manager 24 new features, these are the main topics for improvement:

  • Switching Positions or Role
  • New Traits and ratings
  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Clean Sheets (For relevant position)
  • General Performance

Those targets will make your interaction with players all the more interactive. You can give them praise or criticise them depending on how a game has gone. These targets will even come up in other discussions with players. It’s not just you who gets to think about the goals though. With the new Football Manager 24 changes, the player and even their agent might get involved. Especially if you set them to an unrealistic standard. These new player targets will even be impacted by personality.

When trying to get a player over to your club, new negotiations are stemming from targets. To some players their targets are the most important of Football Manager 24 new features. This opens up your individual player management. When a player has an end goal in mind for their career like a bump up, you’ll be able to tie this conditionally to a player target. Players successfully hitting a target or failing will both open options up to you, so be careful what you promise for hitting a player reaching the goals you set!

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These targets are all trackable by a new menu, for those who like to keeps things on schedule and always have an eye on how players are changing.

Interaction Logic – New Football Manager Features

Football manager 24 new features

Along with player targets, one of the other big Football Manager 24 new features is new interactions and particularly the logic behind them. Interactions are one example of this but it goes further than that. The interaction system in the game is getting an overhaul.

The severity system in the game is getting redone, with different levels of reaction and more than 2,000 responses from the AI now in the game. In the past players often got a bit of an odd reaction from the in-game AI. Specifically, often an overreaction. Negotiations can often progress in weird ways.

Responses that don’t quite match what you’d expect were gone. The new Football Manager 24 feature for these interactions should be fixing these. There are now different levels of reaction to try and ensure their responses match what’s actually happening a little bit better. They won’t just do whatever you want. But there will actually be logic in how things happen.

Along with greater diversity in responses, devs are adding in new context for how things work. This one of the new Football Manager features should help to explain a little bit what kind of reaction you’re going to get. These kind of new FM 24 features are being put in specifically to address some player’s criticisms with past builds of Football Manager. You’ll have greater insight into what’s governing your player’s reactions along with other figures in the game. This still makes it easier to get the desired outcome, or at least be aware of kind of an outcome what you’re saying will have.

These new features should help to make interactions more realistic. It’s generally a change which steps up the immersion, a great feature for Football Manager 24.

Staff Meeting Changes

Along with interactions, staff meetings are another of the Football Manager 24 new features which have been mixed around a little bit too. You’ll be able to get more control over the meeting agenda, like skipping particular topics if you don’t want to focus on that just yet. This will help you run the meeting, rather than having to just hope what you want to deal with is the main agenda.

You can access these new methods of input from the new Meeting Preferences area. It’s a new option where you can include specific topics, get information that you need or even remove a topic if you don’t want to deal with it just yet. Meetings also help you get better information for hiring backroom staff. You’ll be able to see their attributes along straight away, making this whole thing a lot quicker.

Transfers, Squad Building, Finance – Football Manager 24 Changes

One other new Football Manager 24 features is better developments to deal with finances, squads, and transfers. All of this will make the experience of managing a football team much closer to real life. The Ai and decision making has seen major improvements. In recruiting, you’re going to be able to make more informed choices and het more control. The finances are going into a deeper level than ever too.

Between all of the Football Manager 24 quality of life improvements, we’re looking at a significantly improved game for the upcoming season. Hopefully, Football Manager 24 will live up to the hype when it releases soon.

Football Manager 24 New Features Explained – Best Additions
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