Football Manager 24 and Football Manager 25 Information – Everything We Know

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Football Manager 24 and Football Manager 25 Information – Everything We Know

We've been given some early news ahead of the release of Football Manager 24. Alongside some very early info on Football Manager 25.

Football Manager information is hotly anticipated every year before release. This year, however, Sports Interactive is giving us some really early information about the next two titles. Firstly, FM24 has lots of new feature announcements on the way, but the most recent news post gave us one major new feature confirmed.

Football Manager 24 to include Save transfer

That's right, FM 24 is going to include the ability to bring your saved file from FM 23 over to FM 24 (and FM 24 to FM 25). The main reason for this we'll get into in the FM 25 section. For now, though, it's a solid start to the feature reveals.

Football Manager 24 is also the “last of its kind” again, more on that later, but the TLDR is it will probably be the last full-release/full-price Football Manager game.

When is Football Manager 24 out

Nothing is confirmed; however, with last year's release being in November, it gives us a rough time frame. We also know that this year's game is likely coming soon than FM 23, and with the majority of the football seasons starting in August, we might be closer to that with a release this time.

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Sports Interactive is also working to secure longer-term licences for their games on Apple Arcade and Game Pass, to allow people to play and move data across platforms. While nothing is confirmed, it looks like FM 24 will have a way to bring data from FM 23, which would normally be gone from those stores. It sounds like, if issues can be resolved, that we'll see either those titles remain for a longer period, or some sort of solution will be released for those players to bring their save over later.

What we know about Football Manger 25 already

So, normally you don't talk about next year's game quite so soon… however, in this case, we already know some key details. As mentioned above, FM 25 will allow you to bring data over from the previous games. But, one key detail about FM 25 is, the title won't be like previous titles. With FM 24 being “the last of its kind”, it sounds like FM 25 will move over to some form of “live service” title. Now, that might work with the game being free to play, and charging for updates, but with such an active modding community, that might be pointless. We probably won't hear any details any time soon, but we can speculate till then.

One other key feature that is confirmed for FM 25 is that the game will be moving over to Unity. This means a new engine for the graphics package for all versions of FM. The move to Unity seems like a positive one overall, and we'll make sure to make a new post when we get details.

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Women's leagues come to Football Manager 25

After being announced in 2021, we're finally going to see Women's football joining the game on FM 25. The team has hired lots of new staff who specialise in the sport to help them with research and development. We assume it will be included as part of whatever package FM 25 comes in, rather than a separate title. It's certainly a major undertaking, considering the FM database for the men's game has taken decades to build up.

We'll get more details at the end of 2023, with the first major reveals coming in Q2 2024 (about this time next year).

For now, that's about it. We'll update this post over time, and we'll have more Football Manager 24 content dropping on the site closer to release.


Football Manager 24 and Football Manager 25 Information – Everything We Know
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