FlyToMoon are going to the Closed Qualifiers

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FlyToMoon are going to the Closed Qualifiers

Today has been a packed day due to the start of the Open qualifiers for the biggest event in Dota 2 – The International. Having said that, the CIS region has always been one of the most interesting to watch. That’s mainly because of the many “davai-322” kind of plays that happen in nearly every game. However, when it comes down to TI qualifiers, things are as serious as it gets.

What happened?

The CIS region is actually the only one that has only one winner from each Open Qualifiers. This definitely makes things very hard for some of the teams. Despite that, FlyToMoon managed to sweep through their opponents and got a well-deserved victory.

In fact, the only issues which Ark and his team-mates faced were in the semifinals against Team Unique. However, FTM was able to pick themselves up after the loss and ended up winning the series.

By the end of the day, we will know the results in all open of the qualifiers. Having said that, the second one start in just a few days from now.

Featured image via Epicenter gg on YouTube.

FlyToMoon are going to the Closed Qualifiers
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