First International Valorant Tournament To Be Held In Iceland

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First International Valorant Tournament To Be Held In Iceland

Valorant’s first international tournament will be held in late May in Iceland for the second Masters event.

The long wait for an international Valorant tournament will finally be coming to an end. Since the game’s release during the early parts of the pandemic, the competitive community has been waiting for a chance to compete internationally and in a LAN environment for months.

Some regions have had LAN events, notably in South Korea and Brazil. But most competitive regions have only competed in an online environment since the game's launch. But now, all those who want to test their skills against the best in the world have a tournament to look forward to in the second leg of the Valorant Champions Tour with Masters Two hosted in Iceland.

Riot Games and Iceland

Riot Games and its international esports team have struck a deal with the Icelandic government. They've agreed to hold both its international League of Legends and Valorant events in the country. For League of Legends fans, this will mark the second international LAN tournament that has been held during the pandemic. The League of Legends World Championship was held in China in the fall of 2020 with a successful bubble strategy to stop any infections.

A similar plan should be set in place in Iceland with players that have qualified for Masters Two quarantining for an amount of time before competing on stage.

Masters Two Qualifications

A infographic showing each competitve Valorant region's spots for the Valorant Masters Reykjavik tournament on a purple background

The qualification for the first international LAN in competitive Valorant history will be similar to the qualifications for Masters One. Each region will have a Challengers qualification process. Here, each team getting three chances to qualify for the Challengers Final event. Then the teams that have qualified for the Challengers Final tournament will battle for a spot at Masters Two.

To put it in simpler terms, the Masters One tournament that is currently ongoing in many regions is essentially a Challengers Final since an international LAN will not be held during stage one of the VCT.

Masters Two will also be restricted to the top teams from each region. North America, Europe and Brazil will be sending two representatives to the event. Meanwhile, Korea, Japan, Latin America and South East Asia will be sending one.

The event will kick off May 24 and conclude on May 30.

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