First Apex Legends Official Tournament Announced

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First Apex Legends Official Tournament Announced

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment are finally taking the reigns of Apex Legends esports. They announcing a large scale event where teams will compete for their cut of a prize pool of $500,000, a first of its kind for Apex Legends. The tournament will feature 80 teams battling each other in a double-elimination bracket, meaning a few things. One, RNG will be less of a factor. As each team will have two chances to succeed, a loss to RNG will be acceptable. This will help prevent RNG from ruining a team’s potential run for the gold. Second, double elimination means more time and more content, which both EA and Respawn will be big fans of.

The event is set to take place in Kraków, Poland over the course of three days, starting on September 13th.

Set as a preseason tournament for Season 3, EA and Respawn are most likely hoping to use this event to start competing with Fortnite, especially after the hype of World Cup finally dies down. Additionally, Respawn will most likely be sharing more details about Season 3 during the tournament. This will give fans of both high-end play and fans of what’s to come reasons to tune in to the action.

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