Finding Orc Town in Return to Moria

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Finding Orc Town in Return to Moria

Having trouble finding Orc Town in Return to Moria? Check out our guide on how you can navigate through Moria to successfully unlock this area

Welcome to the world of Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria! If you're on the lookout for Orc Town, you're in the right place. This guide will walk you through the steps to find Orc Town—an important location in Khazad-dûm.

Picture this as a simple roadmap, guiding you to Orc Town with ease. Let's make your journey through the game straightforward and enjoyable. Get ready for an adventure that's both exciting and rewarding. Let's dive in!

Finding Orc Town in Return to Moria

Discovering Orc Town in Return to Moria is an exciting journey that starts with finding the elusive Elven Quarter. This charming section of Moria boasts elegant elven architecture and is a visual treat. As you step into the Elven Quarter, you'll be captivated by the grandeur of the room that holds Orc Town.

This multi-leveled room might seem a bit complex at first, with staircases leading to different floors, but worry not! We're here to navigate you through each step of the way. Let's unravel the beauty and secrets of the Elven Quarter together.

Now that you've arrived at the Elven Quarter, the key to reaching Orc Town lies in a thorough exploration of the expansive room. This room is the central hub of the Elven Quarter and your gateway to Orc Town. To maximize your chances of success, meticulously investigate each floor, ascending and descending levels to uncover hidden passages or valuable clues.

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Resist the urge to rush through; instead, take your time to engage with your surroundings. Pay attention to distinctive features and objects that may serve as hints pointing you in the right direction. A patient and observant approach will be your guide to unveiling the secrets leading to Orc Town. Let's embark on this exploration together.

What To Do If The Game Glitches Out

While traversing Return to Moria, you might encounter moments where the game fails to acknowledge a specific location, causing frustration, especially in your quest for Orc Town. Don't worry; we've got two solutions to tackle this issue.

Firstly, revisiting the location multiple times can boost your chances of triggering the game's recognition. By entering and exiting the large room in the Elven Quarter repeatedly, you may find the game eventually acknowledges your presence, granting access to Orc Town.

Secondly, engage in conversations with non-playable characters. Keep a keen eye on the dialogue prompts, as they might contain valuable information or hints to steer you towards Orc Town. These solutions ensure a smoother journey through Moria, making your quest for Orc Town more rewarding. Let's overcome these challenges together.

What You Can Find In Orc Town

Diligently exploring the Elven Quarter and its large room not only leads you to Orc Town, but also presents numerous benefits and rewards along the way. Keep an eye out for lost Orc Keys, hidden treasures, Ranger Pages, and powerful weapons that can aid you in your battle against the forces of evil. 

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Finding Orc Town in Return to Moria
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By taking the time to thoroughly investigate your surroundings, you might stumble upon secret passages, hidden quests, or even encounter friendly non-playable characters who can provide valuable assistance in your journey.

You can find Orkish Chests which hold numerous Black Diamonds. This is an important resource you can use for crafting new weapons.

Let The Adventure Begin!

Finding Orc Town in Return to Moria is a crucial step in your quest for victory. By diligently exploring the Elven Quarter and its large room, navigating through its levels, and overcoming any location recognition issues, you will ultimately discover the hidden gem that is Orc Town. 

Remember, perseverance and a keen eye for detail are key in your adventure. By following this friendly guide, you are guaranteed to successfully locate Orc Town, uncovering its secrets and unlocking the next chapter of your epic journey through Moria. Good luck, adventurers! May your path be illuminated by the light of the stars.

Finding Orc Town in Return to Moria
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