Finding All The Ranger Pages in Return To Moria

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Finding All The Ranger Pages in Return To Moria

Need help finding all the Ranger pages in Return To Moria? Check out our guide to gain more lore and learn about the history of Moria through the Ranger Journal!

You can unlock the Ranger Journals after you capture Orctown by defeating Balrog. Within the remnants of Moria you will discover humble campsites left by Rangers. They courageously protected the ancient kingdom from Orcs, Goblins, and other ominous beings. Explore these campsites to uncover the pages from the journals left behind by these valiant Rangers.

What Is The Ranger Journal?

Explore the mysterious depths of Moria, and you'll find the captivating Ranger Journals. These journals can be discovered in the Ranger campsites, tucked away in the well-used folds of a tattered bedroll.

The Ranger Journal is like a collection of notes and observations meticulously kept by the rangers who once patrolled Moria's echoing halls. But here's the twist – the journal is incomplete, and its missing pages are scattered all over the vast underground realm.

Because Moria is generated differently each time you play, every journey is a unique adventure. So, the Ranger Journal Pages don't have a set location. Players need to carefully explore various spots like abandoned structures, tall buildings, Orc outposts, and other Ranger camps to find these sneaky pages. And for those handy with a pickaxe, there are even secrets hidden underground, with Ranger Pages waiting beneath rocks and debris.

While the layout of ranger camps remains constant, the maps vary with each playthrough. Nevertheless, there are dependable features in every camp, such as a bedroll, camp hearth, chest, Ranger Journal Stand, and typically two or three farm patches. These consistent elements serve as reliable indicators for players in search of Ranger Pages.

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To uncover these pages, conduct a thorough exploration of mines and outposts, inspecting under beds, behind rocks, and hidden corners. Navigate around Ranger camps distinguished by campfires and bedrolls. Employ your pickaxe to unearth concealed pages underground. Follow trails of green gemstones for potential leads to hidden outposts or pages. Don't forget to repair bedrolls at Ranger camps to access journals discreetly stored within.

Finding All The Ranger Pages In Return To Moria

The best chance of finding Ranger Pages early in the game would be looking into the Western Halls of the Mines of Moria. To boost your odds, you should thoroughly inspect every room, checking every nook, corner, chest, and structure. In some cases, you might even need to break certain structures to uncover these elusive pages. Here are a few places where you can possibly start looking!

Finding All The Ranger Pages in Return To Moria

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Ranger Camps

Upon discovering a ranger camp, keep an eye out for green crystal clusters on the floor within the room. These clusters serve as a guide leading to the campfire and the Ranger Journal. Interestingly, these clusters cannot be mined or destroyed, providing a resilient trail even if camp structures are accidentally damaged. This acts as a valuable clue for those struggling to locate the journal.

After locating the camp, prioritize the repair of the Camp Hearth. Resources are typically scattered around the area, facilitating repairs even in the absence of sufficient materials. A functional hearth automatically marks its location on the map, simplifying future visits, especially when lacking enough pages to fully restore the Ranger Journal.

Mines of Moria

In the Mines of Moria, the journal is situated in one of the multi-level rooms past the Elven Quarter. My discovery was near an Orc camp, offering a potential respawn point. Caution is advised due to steam vents that pose a threat to armor and health.

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Lower Deeps

Navigating the Lower Deeps is challenging, with hazards like moths, poisonous mushrooms, and formidable enemies. My camp was close to the Great Drain Pumps of the Lower Deeps mapstone, just a room away from a troll.

Bridge of Khazad-dum

This ranger camp location, near the Bridge of Khazad-dum, lacks green crystals as guides. To find it, face the bridge and proceed to the left until reaching a room on the left. The camp is located inside.


The Dwarrowdelf camp proves challenging to locate due to its multiple levels and intricate passages. Some have found it at the bottom of stairs, inside or outside a home, often obscured by shadows. The difficulty in spotting the hearth or bedroll suggests waiting until you can build Durin's Lamp.

Barazinbar Crossroads

The final Ranger Journal resides in the Crossroads, the initial area in the Barazinbar region. My discovery was in a room behind the dirt wall of the Crossroads, rather than further into the area towards the Mithril Lode.

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Unlocking the Journal

After accumulating enough pages, head to your journal to initiate repairs. This process unveils lore about the area, recounts the experiences of the ranger team, and may reward you with a new Brew recipe. Restoring Ranger Journals stands as the exclusive method to acquire these beer recipes.


Ranger Pages go beyond being simple collectibles, playing a unique role in enhancing the overall gaming experience. More than just tokens, these pages actively contribute to a nuanced storytelling adventure. They act as portals to unveil the history and lore of Moria, providing players with deep insights into the lives and adventures of the rangers who once protected this ancient realm.

Finding All The Ranger Pages in Return To Moria
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