Finding and Farming Salt – No Man’s Sky Guide

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Finding and Farming Salt – No Man’s Sky Guide

Here is all you need to know about finding and farming Salt throughout the cosmos in your No Man's Sky journey

No Man's Sky, the vast and boundless universe exploration game, offers players an array of opportunities to make money in 2023. Amidst the myriad ways to prosper, one resource stands out – Salt (NaCl).

Finding and Farming Salt in No Man's Sky

Salt is a naturally occurring resource in No Man's Sky, primarily found in Salt in No Man's Sky is a natural resource primarily found in underwater minerals. It's essential for crafting valuable Chlorine in a Refiner, vital for advanced product and technology creation.

Ways to Obtain Salt

Here is all you need to know about the multiple ways you can obtain Salt.

Underwater Minerals

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Salt is primarily found in underwater minerals, making oceans and underwater exploration a rich source for this resource. To obtain Salt from underwater minerals, follow these steps:

  • Scanning: While exploring planets with aquatic environments, use your scanner to identify underwater mineral deposits. These deposits are often marked by a distinct icon on your scanner display.
  • Diving: Once you've identified a location with underwater mineral deposits, dive into the water and swim or use your Exocraft (if you have one) to reach the deposit.
  • Mining: Approach the underwater mineral deposit and use your Multi-Tool to mine it. As you mine, you'll collect various resources, with Salt being a common primary element in these deposits.
  • Collection: After collecting Salt from the underwater mineral, store it in your Exosuit's inventory or ship's cargo hold. It's important to gather a substantial amount to maximize your Chlorine production and, subsequently, your profits.

Resource Deposits:

Finding and Farming Salt - No Man's Sky Guide

Resource Deposits are another reliable source of Salt. These are mineral-rich nodes found on the surface of planets. Here's how to obtain Salt from Resource Deposits:

  1. Scanning: Use your scanner to search for Resource Deposits on the planet's surface. These deposits are often marked by distinct icons, making them easy to locate.
  2. Land Vehicle: If you have a land vehicle like an Exocraft, it can help you traverse the planet's surface more quickly. Drive to the Resource Deposit you've identified.
  3. Mining: Once you've reached the Resource Deposit, use your Multi-Tool to mine it. Salt can be found as a primary element in some of these deposits.
  4. Collection: Gather the Salt you've extracted and store it in your inventory for later processing in a Refiner.
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Galactic Trade Terminals: 

If you prefer a more convenient, but potentially more expensive option, you can obtain Salt by purchasing it from Galactic Trade Terminals. Here's how:

  • Space Stations: Visit Space Stations in various star systems. Inside the Space Station, you'll find Galactic Trade Terminals where you can buy and sell resources.
  • Purchase: Interact with the terminal and navigate to the “Buy” section. Search for Salt in the list of available items and purchase it. Keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the star system's economy, and it might not always be the most cost-effective method.


If you need to craft some products and have an abundance of resources like Chlorine, Di-Hydrogen and Oxygen, you can refine them to get some Salt.

  • You can refine Chlorine x 1 to get Salt x 2
  • You can refine Di-Hydrogen x 1 + Oxygen x 1 to get Salt x1 

Bonus Acquisition Tips:

Select the right planet for Salt mining by choosing those with aquatic environments. Use your scanner to efficiently locate underwater minerals rich in Salt, enhancing collection.

Exploring diverse environments improves your chances of finding valuable resources, including Salt, crucial for Chlorine production and overall success in No Man's Sky. These tips optimize resource gathering in the expansive universe.

Uses for Salt
Here is all you need to know about the multiple ways you can use Salt.


There are many crucial components which can be crafted with Salt, making it equally valuable in its pure, unrefined form.

  • Hydraulic Wiring: This is an advanced component used for creating moving and automated parts within bases.It is crafted with Carbon Nanotubes x 2 + Salt x 20 + Di-Hydrogen x 40
  • Hydrothermal Fuel Cell: This is an advanced energy source that utilizes underwater thermal activity to generate power for your Nautilon's Humboldt Drive.It is crafted with Salt x 40 + Cyto-Phosphate x 40 + Carbon x 40
  • Nautilon Chamber: This is an advanced and fully-airlocked docking station that is essential for your Nautilon Submarine.This is crafted with Metal Plating x 5 + Crystal Sulphide x 4 + Salt x 100 


Finding and Farming Salt - No Man's Sky Guide

Besides crafting, Salt can also be refined to produce valuable resources that you can use to earn large amount of credits, create certain buildings and structures, fuel your spaceship and many more. The products you can refine it into are:

  • Ammonia = Fungal Mould x 2 + Salt x 1
  • Chlorine x 1 = Salt x 2
  • Chlorine x 2 = Kelp Sac x 1 + Salt x 1
  • Chlorine x 5 = Salt x 2 + Oxygen x 2
  • Dioxite x 1 = Frost Crystal x 2 + Salt x 1
  • Enriched Carbon x 1 = Radon x 100 + Carbon x 20 + Salt x 10
  • Glass x 1 = Cyto-Phosphate x 50 + Salt x 50
  • Kelp Sac x 1 = Salt x 1 + Nitrogen x 1
  • Nitrogen Salt x 1 = Nitrogen x 100 + Carbon/Condensed Carbon x 20/10 + Salt x 10
  • Paraffinium x 1 = Star Bulb x 2 + Salt x 1
  • Phosphorus x 1 = Solanium x 2 + Salt x 1
  • Pyrite x 1 = Cactus Flesh x 2 + Salt x 1
  • Thermic Condensate x 1 = Sulphurine x 100 + Carbon x 20 + Salt x 10
  • Uranium x 1 = Gamma Root x 2 + Salt x 1
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From the following list, the most beneficial refinements would be Chlorine and Glass, as the first lets you earn handsome amounts of credits by selling stacks of them and as the later is essential in building structures.


Like real life, Salt is also used to cook a few dishes in No Man's Sky by using the Nutrient Processor:

  • Crunchy Caramel – Increases energy by 20%.
    It is cooked by combining Processed Sugar x 1 + Salt x 1.
  • Salty Custard – Increases hazard protection by 50%.
    It is cooked by combining Salt x 1 + Cream x 1 + Processed Sugar x 1
  • Salty Juice – Increases hazard protection by 25%.
    It is cooked by combining Cactus Flesh x 1 + Salt x 1 + Fire Water x 1

Bonus: Farming Chlorine for Units 

One of the most profitable ways to use Salt is by converting it into Chlorine. Here's a step-by-step process to achieve this:

  1. Locate a Salt-Rich Area: Find a planet with Salt as a resource.
  2. Salt Collection: Collect the Salt from the identified area. This is the primary ingredient for Chlorine production.
  3. Refining Process: Use a Refiner to process the gathered Salt, transforming it into Chlorine.
  4. Enhance Chlorine Output: If you have access to a medium or large refiner, maximize your Chlorine production by combining it with Oxygen. This process significantly increases your Chlorine stacks.
  5. Mineral Extraction Methods: To further streamline your Salt collection, consider setting up mineral extractors at identified Salt hotspots, both on land and underwater. This automated extraction process can significantly boost your resource gathering efficiency.
  6. Energy Maximization: For sustainable operations, optimize your energy systems at your base. This ensures uninterrupted refining and extraction processes, reducing the need for constant refueling and preserving valuable resources.
  7. Profitable Sales: Head to Space Stations to sell your Chlorine stacks for substantial profits. Avoid saturating a single market to maintain better prices.

Salt in No Man's Sky serves diverse purposes, from crafting to refining, and offers a pathway to profitable Chlorine production, enhancing your in-game wealth and resource management.

Finding and Farming Salt – No Man’s Sky Guide
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