Finding and Farming Gamma Root: Ultimate No Man’s Sky Guide

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Finding and Farming Gamma Root: Ultimate No Man’s Sky Guide

Here is a thorough No Man's Sky Guide to understand what Gamma Root is and the easiest ways of finding and farming this precious element throughout your journey

Are you struggling to find Gamma Root in No Man's Sky? Perhaps you're looking to cultivate your own supply of this valuable resource. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the various methods of locating and farming these roots in No Man's Sky.

What is Gamma Root?

Before we jump into the details of finding and farming Gamma Root, let's first understand what this resource is. This resource is denoted as Gr, and is classified as a Harvested Agricultural Substance in No Man's Sky. Its unique characteristic is its ability to subtly distort the air around it, making it appear as though it's in constant motion.

These roots were initially introduced in the Foundation Update of No Man's Sky under the name Candensium before the Atlas Rises update. With the NEXT update, players gained the ability to craft, refine, and cultivate this resource.

How to Get Gamma Root

Finding this resource can be a challenge due to its small size and rarity. However, there are several methods you can employ to locate this precious resource and create your own farm right at your doorstep.

Explore Gamma Weed Plants

These radioactive roots are primarily found in the roots of Gamma Weed plants. You can encounter Gamma Weed on your home base or in the wilds of planets with high radiation levels. To determine if a planet hosts these radioactive plants, perform a planet scan using your scanner. The scan will provide information on the presence of these Gamma Weed Plants. Once you have located them, you can land your spacecraft on the planet and use your scanner to scan and find the plants.

Finding and Farming Gamma Root: Ultimate No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: nomanssky.fandom

Farm Your Own Gamma Weeds

If you prefer a more controlled approach, you can cultivate your own Gamma Weeds. To do this, you'll need to hire a Farmer NPC to assist you. With the aid of a Farmer, you can harvest 50 Gamma Weeds every 30 minutes, ensuring a steady supply of Gamma Root.

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Purchase Gamma Root

For those who are short on time or prefer convenience, these roots can be purchased from the Galactic Trade Terminal for 16.0 units or Trade it with players. While this option may require some in-game currency, it offers a quick solution to acquiring the resource.

Refine Gamma Root

Another way to obtain this resource is by refining it using a Refiner. By combining 1 unit of Uranium with 1 unit of Gamma Root, you can yield 2 units in just 0.9 seconds per unit. This method can be particularly useful if you have a surplus of Uranium.

Farming Gamma Root

Now that you know how to find these radioactive roots, let's explore the process of farming it. Cultivating these roots can provide you with a steady and reliable source of this valuable resource.

Setting Up Your Farm

To start farming this resource, you'll need to establish a suitable farming environment. Here are the key steps:

  1. Build a Hydroponics Tray: Gamma Weed, the plant that yields these roots, requires high background radiation to thrive in the wild. However, you can create an ideal environment for it by building a Hydroponics Tray. These trays can be constructed in all types of environments and will support the growth of Gamma Weed.
  2. Hire a Farmer NPC: To maximize your farming efforts, employ a Farmer NPC. They will assist you in planting and maintaining your Gamma Weed crops, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

    Finding and Farming Gamma Root: Ultimate No Man's Sky Guide
    Credit: portalrepository

The Farming Process

Once your farm is set up, follow these steps to cultivate Gamma Root successfully:

  1. Plant Gamma Weed: With the guidance of your Farmer NPC, plant Gamma Weed in the Hydroponics Tray. Each crop has the potential to yield the roots.
  2. Maintain the Crop: Ensure that the environmental conditions in your Hydroponics Tray are suitable for Gamma Weed growth. Keep an eye on temperature, radiation levels, and humidity to ensure optimal growth.
  3. Harvest the Crop: Gamma Weed typically takes 4 hours to reach maturity. After this time, you can harvest the plants with the assistance of your Farmer NPC. Each harvest can yield 50 units of the root.
  4. Repeat the Process: To maintain a steady supply of this resource, repeat the planting and harvesting process as needed. The more trays you have, the larger your harvest of these roots will be.

Crafting and Refining with the Roots

Gamma Root serves as a versatile resource in No Man's Sky, and it can be used in various crafting and refining processes. Here are some of the most common applications:

Crafting with this Resource

  1. Gamma Weed: Combine 50 units of Gamma Root with 25 units of Uranium to craft Gamma Weed.
  2. Lubricant: Create Lubricant by mixing 50 units of Coprite with 400 units of Gamma Root. Lubricant is used to create Living Glass for Cryogenic Chambers and Dream Aerials.  You need 250 nanites to buy the blueprint for Lubricant in the Anomaly and can craft it yourself. Sometimes you get it as a reward for missions, but that's rare.
  3. Non-Ferrous Plate: Craft Non-Ferrous Plates by combining 50 units of Gamma Root with 20 Marrow Bulbs. These plates are essential for certain construction projects.

Refining with this Resource

  1. Carbon: You can refine 1 unit of Gamma Root into 2 units of Carbon, providing a valuable source of this basic resource.
  2. Uranium: Combine 2 units of Gamma Root with 1 unit of Salt to obtain 1 unit of Uranium. Uranium is an important material for powering various technologies in the game.
  3. Oxygen: By combining 1 unit of Gamma Root with 1 Kelp Sac and 1 Condensed Carbon, you can create 10 units of Oxygen. Oxygen is a crucial element for life support systems and crafting.

Cooking with this Resource

  1. Creature Pellets: You can input 1 unit of Faecium and 1 unit for Gamma Root into a Nutrient Processor to get one unit of Creature Pellets. You can use these pellets to feed and domesticate animals.
  2. Sievert Beans: You can put Gamma Root into a Nutrient Processor to get Sievert Beans per unit of Gamma Root inputted.  You can use these Beans for various food items.

Making these Radioactive Roots

In addition to finding and farming Gamma Root, you can actually create it through refining. This is a useful method if you have access to uranium and want to generate more Gamma Root efficiently.

  1. Refining Oxygen and Uranium: You can make Gamma Root by putting oxygen and uranium into a Refiner. This combination will yield the roots, making it a great way to boost your  supply of this resource.
  2. Doubling Your Roots: If you already have some Gamma Root, you can maximize your supply by putting them into a Refiner along with some uranium. This process effectively doubles your count, provided you have enough uranium to match it.


In the vast universe of No Man's Sky, finding and farming these radioactive roots is essential for various crafting and refining purposes. Whether you choose to explore wild planets, cultivate your own Gamma Weed, purchase it, or refine it, you now have the knowledge and tools to ensure a steady supply of this valuable resource.

Finding and Farming Gamma Root: Ultimate No Man’s Sky Guide
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