Easy and Sustainable Ways of Farm Units: No Man’s Sky Guide

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Easy and Sustainable Ways of Farm Units: No Man’s Sky Guide

Get galactically rich with our detailed No Man's Sky Guide on the easiest and most sustainable ways to farm units, and buy the universe with your riches

In the sprawling universe of No Man's Sky, the pursuit of units, the game's primary currency, is a crucial endeavor. Units open up a world of possibilities, from acquiring starships to upgrading equipment. This comprehensive guide will explore the most efficient methods of farming units in No Man's Sky, with occasional mentions of Nanites for those seeking additional rewards.

Creating an Activated Indium Farm

Easy and Sustainable Ways of Farm Units: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: No Man's Sky Wiki

When it comes to farming units, nothing beats the efficiency of an activated indium farm. This method focuses solely on unit farming, with Nanites as a valuable byproduct. To embark on this journey, locate a planet blessed with activated indium deposits and aim for an S-Class deposit for optimal yield. Once you've identified the right deposit, construct refiners and storage depots nearby, connecting them with wires and pipes. Ensure a consistent power supply through solar panels, batteries, or electromagnetic hotspots.

The refiners will tirelessly extract activated indium from the deposit, accumulating it in the depots. These refined materials can then be sold for substantial units at any space station or trade terminal. Keep in mind that the output of activated indium depends on the number of refiners and depots connected, but there is a diminishing return effect. Experiment with configurations to find the perfect balance for your farm.

Farming Storm Crystals

Easy and Sustainable Ways of Farm Units: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: Reddit User BeefRavioli5

Storm Crystals are a coveted resource, particularly for beginners, offering a substantial source of credits in No Man's Sky. While their significance may diminish as you delve deeper into trading and economics, they are indispensable early in your journey. To embark on this lucrative venture, follow these steps:

  • Locate Extreme Weather Planets: Look for planets with activated stellar metals like Emeril, Copper, Cadmium, or Indium. Vibrant, colorful solar systems, such as green, blue, or red ones, often house these extreme weather worlds.
  • Prepare for the Journey: Equip a suitable suit upgrade matching the planet's weather hazard if you plan to collect crystals on foot. Alternatively, use an exocraft, ensuring you have enough resources for hazard protection upgrades. Carbon or oxygen serves as fuel, depending on the vehicle. Consider enhancing your exocraft with S-class upgrades for improved performance. Suit upgrades are advisable if feasible.
  • Harvest Storm Crystals: Storm Crystals are exclusively available during active storms. Keep an eye on the storm indicator before venturing out. Once the storm hits, these luminous crystals become harvestable. When using a visor, Storm Crystals are marked by a yellow electricity icon. The exocraft offers a safe and swift means of collection, while on-foot gathering consumes more resources. Exercise caution on icy planets, where crystals can blend into the landscape due to poor visibility.
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Hunting Crashed Interceptor Ships

Easy and Sustainable Ways of Farm Units: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: TheGamer

For daring explorers, hunting crashed interceptor ships presents a thrilling opportunity to accumulate units and acquire valuable upgrades. This method primarily focuses on units but also yields Nanites as part of the rewards. To initiate your hunt, obtain Dreadnought AI units by defeating Sentinel Capital ships guarding specific planets and systems. Once in possession of a Dreadnought AI unit, activate it to receive coordinates leading to a crashed interceptor ship.

Warp to the designated system and planet, then locate the ship on the surface. After finding the ship, invest resources to repair it and claim ownership by interacting with its cockpit. While some crashed interceptor ships may be tempting to keep for their performance and aesthetics, the primary goal here is to scrap them for valuable components and upgrades. To do this, transport the ship to a space station and utilize the starship terminal. The rewards include units and Nanites, both of which can be used to enhance your No Man's Sky experience.

Scanning Undiscovered Flora & Fauna

Easy and Sustainable Ways of Farm Units: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: No Man's Sky Wiki

For those who prefer a more serene and exploratory approach to earning units, scanning undiscovered flora and fauna offers a tranquil and profitable path. Invest in upgrades for your Analysis Visor on your Multi-Tool to maximize your earnings. The more upgrades you have, the more units you'll receive for discovering new flora and fauna with your visor.

Explore new planets and seek out undiscovered species, then scan them to add to your catalog. Each discovery will contribute to your unit earnings, making this method perfect for explorers who revel in uncovering the secrets of uncharted worlds.

Farming Whispering Eggs

Whispering Eggs, alien artifacts found around abandoned buildings, provide another lucrative opportunity to accumulate units quickly. To locate these valuable items, visit a cartographer at a space station and purchase a planetary chart with ‘Emergency Cartographic Data.' Use the chart on a planet to pinpoint the nearest abandoned building.

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Once at the site, you'll discover Whispering Eggs scattered around the building. A word of caution: collecting these eggs will trigger the appearance of hostile alien creatures. Be prepared to defend yourself. After collecting a sufficient number of eggs or filling your inventory, return to a space station to sell them for substantial units.

Be a Space Pirate

For those who seek excitement and profit in the depths of space, the role of a space pirate can be both thrilling and financially rewarding. Raid trading capital ships that randomly spawn in any system to plunder valuable resources from their storage containers.

In addition to units, you may also come across illegal items that fetch even higher prices on the market. However, be aware that Sentinels may take notice if they scan any contraband items in your cargo. Prepare for potential confrontations as you embrace the life of a space pirate.

Scavenge and Sell Ancient Bones

Easy and Sustainable Ways of Farm Units: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: Reddit User VeritasVelez

In No Man's Sky, a rewarding treasure hunt awaits the intrepid explorer, where Ancient Bones, relics of the past and sources of substantial units, lie hidden beneath select planets' surfaces. Equip yourself with essential tools—the Analysis Visor for pinpointing Natural Burial Sites and the Terrain Manipulator for unearthing bones. Some sites offer a variety of Ancient Bone types, boosting potential earnings.

Scan planets from orbit; if Ancient Bones are among the primary resources, you're set. If not, install a Hyperdrive to explore other systems—Ancient Bones-rich planets are not hard to find. While unit values for each bone type may slightly vary based on the selling system's economy, these relics often fetch more than their base values. Venture into this profitable odyssey within the enigmatic universe of No Man's Sky.

The Bounty of Bones

  • Ancient Bones come in three enticing categories, each promising a different unit value:
    • Common Bones: A treasure trove worth 50,000 to 110,000 units per bone.
    • Uncommon Bones: A more substantial haul, ranging from 200,000 to 650,000 units per bone.
    • Rare Bones: The ultimate prize, fetching an impressive 700,000 to 1,700,000 units per bone.

Farm Units to Astounding Heights

In the vast universe of No Man's Sky, units serve as the key to unlocking opportunities, from starships to equipment upgrades. These unit farming methods allow you to amass wealth and fully experience the game's potential. While some methods also yield Nanites, the primary focus is efficient unit generation. So, embark on your unit farming journey and seize the opportunities in this dynamic universe.

Easy and Sustainable Ways of Farm Units: No Man’s Sky Guide
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