Easy Steps To Finding The Best Crashed Ships In No Man’s Sky

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Easy Steps To Finding The Best Crashed Ships In No Man’s Sky

Let's take a look at crashed ships, what they are and some easy steps in finding the best crashed ships in No Man's Sky

Finding a crashed ship can be a game-changer in the vast universe of No Man's Sky. These derelict vessels offer a chance to expand your starship collection and a source of valuable resources. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a newcomer to the game, this comprehensive guide will help you easily locate and make the most of crashed ships.

Easy Steps To Finding The Best Crashed Ships In No Man’s Sky
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What Are Crashed Ships?

Crashed ships in No Man's Sky aren't merely abandoned starships; they encapsulate the narratives of courageous spacefarers grappling with unforeseen adversities. These vessels, marooned on distant planets and moons, lay bare the expansive and often unforgiving universe of the game.

Drawing near to a crashed ship stirs inquisitiveness about its history. Did its pilot exhaust fuel while fleeing pirates? Was it pummeled by a ferocious storm, rendering it irreparable? Or did it succumb to a critical malfunction, leaving its captain stranded on an alien world?

Easy Steps To Finding The Best Crashed Ships In No Man’s Sky
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These abandoned crafts vary in size and class, each possessing a unique backstory. Some are nimble explorers, tailored for charting uncharted realms, while others are rugged cargo carriers traversing perilous cosmic routes. Each crashed ship embodies the aspirations of its former owner, eagerly awaiting a daring traveler to breathe fresh life into it.

Unearthing a crashed ship entails more than acquiring a new mode of transport or resources; it entails integrating into its narrative. You assume the role of a cosmic archaeologist, reconstructing the anecdotes of its past crew. Restoring its systems transcends functionality; it serves as a homage to the valiant souls who once inhabited it. Immerse yourself in the enigmas of No Man's Sky and unveil the untold chronicles concealed within these wreckage sites, embarking on a captivating journey through the cosmos.

Why Find Crashed Ships?

Finding crashed ships serves several essential purposes in No Man's Sky:

  1. Upgrade Your Fleet: Upgrading your starship can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Crashed ships offer the chance to acquire better-class vessels with improved systems and capabilities.
  2. Resource Harvesting: Salvaging parts from a crashed ship can provide valuable resources, which can be used for repairs, crafting, and trading. This can be especially helpful when you're low on essential materials.
  3. Quick Profit: If you decide not to keep the crashed ship, you can sell it at a space station for a tidy profit. This can be an excellent way to amass wealth in the game.
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Now, let's delve into the various methods to find these hidden gems scattered across the universe.

Using Planetary Charts (Emergency Cartographic Data)

One of the most straightforward ways to locate a crashed ship is by using Planetary Charts (Emergency Cartographic Data). Here's a step-by-step guide:

Easy Steps To Finding The Best Crashed Ships In No Man’s Sky
Credit: Quasar9111
  1. Acquire Navigation Data: You can obtain Navigation Data by interacting with glowing cubes found on different desks in space stations. Ensure you have at least a few Navigation Data units before proceeding.
  2. Purchase Emergency Planetary Charts: Visit a cartographer aboard any space station and purchase several Emergency Planetary Charts. It's advisable to get between 5 to 10 charts to increase your chances of success.
  3. Deploy the Charts: Head to space and start using the Emergency Planetary Charts from your inventory. Continuously use them until you detect a distress signal.
  4. Follow the Distress Signal: Once you detect a distress signal, follow the marker on your screen and land near it. Keep in mind that some signals might lead you to other points of interest like observatories, so stay patient and persistent.
  5. Inspect and Claim: Approach the crashed ship at the distress site. You can inspect it and choose to claim it if you desire. It's essential not to swap ships at this point to avoid losing your current one.
  6. Repair Key Systems: To make the ship flight-ready, focus on repairing critical systems like the launch thrusters and pulse engine. With these operational, you can take off and reach a space station if you intend to sell the ship. However, keep in mind that without a repaired shield, you're vulnerable to pirate attacks.

Using Transmission Towers

Easy Steps To Finding The Best Crashed Ships In No Man’s Sky
Credit: Thegamesentertainer

Transmission Towers are another method to find crashed ships. Here's how to go about it:

  1. Exploration and Scanning: While flying over the surface of a planet or moon, continuously scan the ground using your starship's built-in Scanner. Keep an eye out for red dots on your radar, which represent distress beacons.
  2. Orange Beam Signals: These red dots may lead you to Transmission Towers, marked by orange beams shooting into the sky. These structures can help you locate ship distress signals.
  3. Visit Transmission Tower: Once you locate a Transmission Tower, land your ship and interact with the terminal inside. You might need to solve a simple mathematical equation, and upon success, the terminal will pinpoint a Distress Signal.
  4. Follow the Signal: The Distress Signal will guide you to a crashed starship. Head to the location and decide whether to claim it or leave it.
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Using Nautilon Exocraft

If you prefer underwater exploration, the Nautilon Exocraft is your key to finding sunken ships:

  1. Build a Nautilon: Start by constructing a Nautilon Exocraft on a water planet. Ensure you have enough underwater breathing modules and oxygen to safely explore underwater depths.
  2. Activate the Scanner: While piloting the Nautilon, use its scanner to potentially locate sunken ships. The scanner will help you identify their underwater locations.
  3. Claim the Ship: If you discover a sunken ship, you can claim it in the same way you would on the surface. However, be cautious, as some sunken ships may be accompanied by a pilot, rendering them unclaimable.

Additional Tips for Finding Crashed Ships

Here are some extra tips to enhance your chances of finding crashed ships:

  • Distress Beacon Maps: Purchase maps from space stations that specifically detail distress beacons. Keep in mind that these maps might lead you to other points of interest as well. Be prepared to acquire multiple maps to increase your chances.
  • Scan the Surface: While flying over a planet or moon's surface, keep scanning for red dots on your radar. These distress beacons indicate potential crashed ship locations. Flying close to these markers can help you discover crashed ships.
  • Interact with NPCs: Engage with NPCs from the dominant race in the system's space station. They may offer you the location of local distress beacons, including crashed ships, as a reward for giving them gifts. If you don't understand the language, experimentation may be needed.
  • Use Your Nautalian Exocraft: Pilot the Nautilian Exocraft in any oceans you encounter to scan for crashed ships underwater. While you can't recover these sunken ships, you can claim a small reward.
  • Find a Void Egg: Follow the Starbirth mission or scan for transmissions in space to acquire a Void Egg. This item can lead you to crashed ship sites for living ships, which differ from standard starships.

With these methods and tips in mind, you'll be well-equipped to scour the universe for crashed ships in No Man's Sky. Whether you aim to expand your fleet, gather valuable resources, or simply enjoy the thrill of exploration, crashed ships offer exciting opportunities in your journey through the cosmos. Happy hunting, fellow interstellar travelers!

Easy Steps To Finding The Best Crashed Ships In No Man’s Sky
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