Finding and Farming Paraffinium: No Man’s Sky Guide

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Finding and Farming Paraffinium: No Man’s Sky Guide

Unlock the secrets of finding and farming Paraffinium in No Man's Sky and conquer the cosmos with this essential resource

In the vast and seemingly infinite universe of No Man's Sky, resource management is a key aspect of survival and progress. Paraffinium, one of the less common resources, is a vital element needed for various constructions and technologies within the game. In this guide, we will unravel the secrets of finding and farming this resource, ensuring you never run short of this valuable resource.

What is Paraffinium?

Often denoted as Pf, this is a resource classified as one of the localized earth elements within the game. It can be found in large deposits on specific types of planets or extracted from common materials using an Analysis Visor. Typically, you'll encounter the resource on planets with lush or tropical environments, making it crucial to understand where to look for it.

Finding it on Planets

One way to acquire this uncommon resource is by exploring certain types of planets. Earthlike planets and tropical planets often contain this resource as a planetary deposit. To harvest it, you can use the terrain manipulator to mine deposits directly from the planet's surface. If you prefer a more efficient method, search for hotspots, which allow you to set up mining operations and extract them in larger quantities.

Finding and Farming Paraffinium: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: Reddit User NikkiThunder

The challenge here is that the presence of a tropical planet in your current system can be somewhat random. If your system lacks such a planet, you may need to utilize the game's portal system to reach a specific system known to contain tropical planets. Once you've located a tropical planet, using your Analysis Visor will reveal the resource deposits scattered across the terrain. Approach these deposits and harvest Paraffinium as needed for your endeavors.

Acquisition Of Paraffinium

There are a few methods which you can execute to acquire this resource.

Mining the Resource

Finding and Farming Paraffinium: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: Reddit User Potential_BadA55

Creating a thriving mining operation for this uncommon resource on lush biome planets is a strategic move for resource-savvy interstellar explorers. These verdant landscapes not only offer stunning visuals but also hold the promise of abundant deposits of this element. To tap into this resource-rich environment, follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate a Deep-Level Mineral Deposit Hotspot

  • Utilize your Survey Device to identify Deep-Level Mineral Deposit hotspots in lush biomes.
  • Ensure proximity to your base or preferred location for easy resource transportation.
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Step 2: Set Up Mineral Extractors

  • Build Mineral Extractors on the hotspot. Each extractor requires 50kPs of power to operate.
  • The number of extractors you can place is subject to base complexity limits.

Step 3: Power the Extractors

  • Install an Electromagnetic Generator near the hotspots to provide the necessary power.
  • Electromagnetic hotspots are preferred due to their consistent and reliable power output.

Step 4: Monitor Mineral Density

  • Use your Survey Device to monitor mineral density in the area.
  • Class C, B, A, and S potential hotspots correspond to mineral densities of 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%, respectively.

Step 5: Optimize Placement

  • To maximize yield, position your Mineral Extractors as close to the hotspot as possible for higher mineral density.
  • Keep in mind that the further you move from the hotspot, the lower the mineral density, reducing resource output.

Step 6: Storage and Transportation

  • Mineral Extractors have a capacity of 250 units per cycle. To handle larger quantities, connect them via Supply Pipes to Supply Depots.
  • Supply Depots can hold an additional 1000 units each, streamlining resource storage and transportation.

In lush biomes, this element becomes not just an expensive resource, but a gateway to prosperity and technological advancement. With careful planning and efficient setup, you can ensure a steady supply of this valuable element for your endeavors in No Man's Sky.

Refining the Resource

Finding and Farming Paraffinium: No Man's Sky Guide

Another method to obtain Paraffinium is through refining other resources. To do this, you'll need a medium or large refiner and specific combinations of other resources. Here are the crafting recipes:

  • 1 Unit
    • Star Bulb x 2 + Salt x 1
    • Pyrite x 2 + Ferrite Dust x 1
    • Pyrite x 2 + Pure Ferrite x 1
    • Sulphurine x 1 + Ferrite Dust x 1
  • 2 Units
    • Silver x 1 + Oxygen x 1
    • Sulphurine x 1 + Pure Ferrite x 1
  • 3 Units
    • Sulphurine x 1 + Magnetised Ferrite x 1

The simplest recipe is combining Oxygen and Silver, both are most easy to find compared to the other methods. However, your choice of crafting recipe depends on the resources you have available. Experiment with different combinations to optimize your Paraffinium production. To acquire the resource using a refiner, place the required resources into the refiner and wait for the process to complete. This method allows you to create them even when you can't find it naturally on a planet.

Buying the Resource

Finding and Farming Paraffinium: No Man's Sky Guide

The third option for obtaining this resource is purchasing it from Galactic Trade Terminals. These terminals can be found at outposts or space stations throughout the universe. However, there's an element of luck involved when it comes to buying them. The terminals do not always stock this resource, and the quantity available can vary.

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Given the unpredictability of finding large stacks of the resource at trade terminals, it's advisable to explore farming and refining options first. These methods provide more control over your resource acquisition.

Uses of Paraffinium

With the humble about of the resource in hand, there are many interests you spend this valuable metal in. The two avenues of expenditure is in Refiners to create another resource, or in crafting to create products you need for upgrades and progress.

Refining New Ingredients.

Paraffinium is used as an ingredient for refining the following products using a Refiner,

  • Unit of Ammonia
    • Ferrite Dust x 1 or Pure Ferrite x 1 + Paraffinium x 2
  • Unit of Aronium x 1
    • Paraffinium x 30 + Gold x 10 or Platinum x 5 or Silver x 20 or Tritium x 20 + Cobalt x 60
    • Paraffinium x 30 + Gold x 10 or Platinum x 5 or Silver x 20 or Tritium x 20 + Ionized Cobalt x 30
  • Unit of Ferrite Dust x 1
    • Paraffinium x1
  • Unit of Star Bulb
    • Paraffinium x1 + Nitrogen x1
    • Paraffinium x2 + Oxygen x1
  • 2 Units of Star Bulb
    • Star Bulb x1 + Paraffinium x1

With a steady stream of Paraffinium, you can easily create Aronium, which you can use to create Iridesite and Statis Device, which is a very expensive item worth 15,600,000 Units.


Crafting with this resource is quite profitable, especially when aiming to make stacks of Statis Devices to sell in Galactic Terminals. Besides that, there are many uses of this resource to further enhance your planetary outpost and facilities. The resource is used as an ingredient for crafting the following products:

  • Albumen Pearl Orb = Indium x 60 + Paraffinium x 20
  • Aronium = Paraffinium x 50 + Ionised Cobalt x 50
  • Colossus Geobay — Metal Plating x 5 + Ion Battery x 4 + Paraffinium x 100
  • Drift Suspension — Magnetised Ferrite x 50 + Paraffinium x 50 + Wiring Loom x 1
  • Roamer Geobay — Metal Plating x 5 + Ion Battery x 2 + Paraffinium x 100
  • Sphere Creator — Metal Plating x 5 + Ion Battery x 4 + Paraffinium x 100
  • Star Bramble — Star Bulb x 50 + Paraffinium x 25


Paraffinium is a valuable resource in No Man's Sky, essential for various constructions and technologies. Whether you choose to mine it from lush planets, craft it in a refiner, or take a chance on trade terminals, understanding these methods ensures you'll never run short of this crucial element. As you journey through the interstellar systems, remember that resource management is key to survival and success in this vast and ever-evolving universe. Happy farming and safe travels!

Finding and Farming Paraffinium: No Man’s Sky Guide
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