Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 71 Summary

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Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 71 Summary

Here's the short and sweet summary of the Live Letter 71 Letter from the Producer.


Of course this Live Letter was all about what content we can expect with the release for 6.2. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida and Global Community Producer Toshio Murouchi invited players once again to listen to what they have in store for Final Fantasy XIV.

While we don't have a concrete release date for patch 6.2 yet, Yoshida assured players that they can expect it sometime at the end of August. Going by the current schedule, that should either be August 19 or August 26. At least we have have the name of the patch: Buried Memory. You can watch the whole Live Letter here on twitch. But be aware that it's Japanese only.

New Quests and Main Quest Scenario

Of course with a new Quest comes a new addition to the main quest of Final Fantasy XIV, under the title ‘Buried Memory' we'll continue our adventure in Thavnair. We're of course joined by some old friends on this venture, but that's not all.

There is also getting a continuation of Tataru's Grand Endeavour, this time it seems to be centered around the Heavensward expansion. Finishing the Heavensward Alliance Raid questline will be required to progress this questline.

We're also getting another addition to the Hildibrand questline. But this time it'll feed into the Relict Weapon's. The previous Hildibrand quests are required to start the Relict Weapon Questline and I'll be added with patch 6.25.

And as always, there'll also be another Tribe quest being added with 6.25 (Roughly 2 months after the patch goes live). The Omnicron's, their quest will be for gathering classes exclusively.

You can find a more detailed breakdown of the new quests here.

New Battle Content

With the launch of 6.2 we'll also get heaps of new battle content. That'll also mean that there is heaps of new gear to obtain, as the overall best in slot item level will (ilvl) be raised by a tier. Not only will there be new crafted gear, probably starting at ilvl 600, a new set of tomestone gear set at ilvl 610 and the new raid gear at ilvl 620.

So yes, we're getting the next chapter of the Pandemonium raids. Under the name Abyssos we're getting four more encounters. Each fight will come in a normal and savage variant with weekly gear rewards. But this time around, the savage difficulty will be delayed by a week. That's to ensure that everyone is prepared until this content actually goes live. If they're gonna keep the change however is still up in the air.

There's also gonna be a new trial, in both normal and extreme difficulty. The trial will probably start off the trial series for 6.x and will continue on till the end of the expansion. But but the name of the encounter will only be revealed on release.

With a new main quest scenario comes also a new dungeon. It is named The Fell Court of Troia.

And with the release of 6.2, we'll also get a new Unreal Trial. This time around it'll be the Heavensward trial Sephirot. The fight will be adjusted for a full level 90 party, and there have been some adjustments to the overall flow of the fight. Here you can find more details on the upcoming battle content.

We're also finally getting the Criterion and Variant Dungeon's with patch 6.25. While the Variant Dungeon is more of a choose your own adventure style dungeon with a dynamic story and some surprises. Criterion Dungeon's will follow that formula in a more difficulty oriented manner. Players will have to fight their way through a dungeon with several challenges. In the normal version, players will only have limited access to resurrection spells. On savage difficulty, the only option is to wipe and reset all monsters. Oh and if the party takes too long, monsters will grow stronger and stronger. You'll find more details on those here.

PvP and PvE Adjustments

As previously discussed, there'll be several adjustments to PvP and PvE content. Both in terms of balance and to make some jobs more accessible. On that note, while the team has previously stated that they want to adjust both Dragoon and Astrologian in an effort to lighten their load. Those changes won't be implemented until at least 6.3.

There'll be some adjustments to the way buffs interact with both direct and critical hit damage skills as some combinations seem kinda pointless at the moment. This will be discussed in detail on the next live letter.

Naoki Yoshida also promised that they'll try to go more into detail for changes coming to the combat system in the future. To avoid confusion among the players and to explain why they make certain decisions.

Continued Improvements to the Main Scenario Quests

In their effort to make Final Fantasy XIV more accessible, the team continues to implement the duty support system to older content. This allows players to play through most of the main scenario with AI companions.

The Duty support system will be available for the following dungeons: Snowcloak, The Keeper of the Lake, Sohm Al, The Aery and The Vault. The rest of the Heavensward dungeons will hopefully be implemented with the release of 6.3.

There have also been some changes with the main scenario quest trials in the 2.x patches. Thornmarch has been completely revamped after the team deemed it too difficult. We don't know yet what the changes are, or if it'll effect the extreme version of that fight.

The trial Steps of Faith has also been removed, the encounter will instead be turned into a solo instanced fight and probably be completely revamped.

The Island Sanctuary

The Island Sanctuary had been announced even before the Endwalker media tour, but we finally have some details on what the system will be like. To cut it short it'll be a hybrid of personal housing, crafting, gathering and many more systems. But don't worry this content does not seem to require having your crafters and gatherers levelled up.

This content will be completely optional as it seems, and is more of a break from what Final Fantasy XIV content usually is like. All its systems only seem to be tied to the island. Here you can raise animals, plant veggies, farm materials and craft things to your hearts content. Then you can sell the products for a currency that'll in turn feed back into the Island Sanctuary.

Naoki Yoshida also promised that you'll be free to visit the Islands of other players, just to hang out and have a good time. But all the actual content on the Island is solo, so don't expect to make money off it on the market board. You can find more details about the Island Sanctuary here.

Adventurer Plates and Portraits

With patch 6.2, Adventurer Plates and Portraits will leave their beta status and will be formally implemented into the game. This comes with a general overhaul with how the system works. Currently the system is a little confusing to use, liking your Portraits to Adventurer Plates and your gear sets. so that'll see a general overhaul.

The team also plans to add more decorations and options to both the plates and the portraits. Those can be earned as rewards for special achievements or unlocked by certain content.

Similarly to Crystal Conflict's opening showcase, with 6.2 players will be able to set a portrait to be displayed at the start of a Mahjong match. The team is also working on getting those portraits to show up at the start of dungeons and other duties.

Miscellaneous Updates

From 6.2 onwards, you'll be able to request other players to repair your gear. Either within a duty or outside. The specific requirements aren't public yet. But we assume as long as the player has the required crafters levelled and the resources needed, it'll go off without a hitch.

Probably most importantly, the size of the glamour dresser increase from 400 to 800 slots. Thank you very much network team.

A new display option will be added to the action list menu. Here players can see how abilities combo into each other. There is also a more organized breakdown of what abilities and skills do. This is a massive improvement over the current, rather confusing list that is only ordered by when you'll obtain them.

There'll also be some slight adjustments to the Return to Ivalice questline. That means that two of the optional side quests that branch from that questline will be made unavailable. You can find a more detailed summary of the miscellaneous updates here.

And that's the short and sweet summary of the 71st Live Letter. For more details, check out the more detailed breakdowns in the links above. And for more Final Fantasy XIV news, visit us here on ESTNN

Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 71 Summary
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