Final Fantasy XIV: The New Quests and Raids of FF Patch 6.2

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Final Fantasy XIV: The New Quests and Raids of FF Patch 6.2

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 will release as Buried Memory, and marks the first really big patch since the release of Endwalker back in December. Here are all the quests and encounters you can expect! [Warning this Includes FF Patch 6.1 Spoilers]

The Unending Journey Continues

With a new quest comes a new chapter in the long journey of the Warrior of Light. We can expect this new chapter to be released sometime in late August of 2022, so relatively soon! We're getting quite a lot this patch, outside of the usual things that can be expected for a X.2 patch.

When last we left off the main quest scenario, we joined up with some of the former scions and the dragon Vrtra to explore the void. Or at least that was the plan, we first have to figure out how to actually get there. And probably most importantly, how to survive within that hostile world. We have some going theories on how we would get there, we even have some methods to temporarily wander within. Question is only how do we gear up for a longer expedition. And how are we gonna get Vrtra's long lost sister out of there?

And while yes, we faced the end of all things at the edge of the universe. Life for a warrior of light never gets easier does it? Not only did the familiar of an old friend show up again at the end of the last patch. We still have no clue on who's side they are on. While we are gearing up to face off against one of Final Fantasy's classic villains.

Golbez, the main bad villain of Final Fantasy IV is also present in Final Fantasy XIV, joining both Kefka and Ex Death in being a homage to one of the series' highpoints. And he's suiting for an expansion that is already full of Final Fantasy IV references. But we don't really know his role here yet. For reference, Golbez in the original was a cruel, manipulating commander who was actually possessed an evil being from the moon.

Here he seems to take the role as a ruler of the void. We've already against some of the voids greatest evils and Golbez recognizes that. Instead he warns his four underlings about our powers. For underlings who are associated with elements and darkness.. so we can assume we'll maybe go up against the for archfiends from Final Fantasy IV. But a word of caution here. Final Fantasy XIV loves to indulge in references from its series, but it rarely implements them as straight copies from older games. So expect there to be at least one or two exciting twists on that dynamic.

2022 07 01 13 12 19 Window

Furthermore, we get another entry in the Tataru's Grand Endeavor side quest. Focused around the now former secretary of the scions of the seventh dawn, who is now trying to use her connections to build a trading empire. At least that's the assumption. But the first part of her questline, introduced in 6.1 ended up being surprisingly sweet. Getting some nice character moments with some of Final Fantasy XIV's less known side characters. This time around, you'll be required to finish the Heavensward alliance raids, so its safe to assume we'll link up again with everyone's favourite sky pirates, the Redbills.

So inital guesses were right, that Tataru's Grand Endeavor is wrapping up all kinds of stories. Or at least getting to spend some time with some of Final Fantasy XIV's more obscure figures.

Next up we'll get also another addition to Hildibrand's adventures. We're going to the moon now. And.. I'm not even gonna try and guess what that one has in store for us. Just let it happen.

Probably more interesting is the fact that Hildibrand's adventure will tie into the new set of relict weapons. Crafted by yours truly Godbert and relict weapon veteran Gerolt. Which is pretty much like the Megapowers colliding. I mean we have the worlds greatest blacksmith and the worlds greatest goldsmith creating the legendary Manderville weapons! Which according to Yoshida sound a little weak, don't they?

2022 07 01 13 12 39 Window

To start the quest, you'll be required to be all caught up with the Hildibrand questline. Which starts all the way back in A Realm Reborn and has been updated ever since. So some of you might have some catching up to do. Do keep in mind that this will only be the first step of the relict weapons and that they'll have more steps added to them as the 6.x patch cycle continues. What the actual meat of that content is and if it's gonna be on the scale of Bozja or Eureka is still up in the air.

We'll also get another tribe quest. This time centred around the Omnicrons we met in Ultima Thule. These quests seem to continue from the quest that unlocked the Sigma Dreamscape dungeon back in 6.0. It'll be a gatherer centric tribe, so if you have any gatherers that still need levelling from level 80 to 90. Make use of it. If we go from the previous questline, this means we'll help to build the restaurant at the end of the universe.

2022 07 01 13 15 22 Window

Raids, Trials and Dungeon

First up is the new dungeon, which will most likely pop up during the main quest scenario. That one is called The Fell Court of Troia and director and producer Naoki Yoshida said that that's where the keep the GM's locked up after work. But all jokes aside, that locations looks definitely like it is in the void. Named after the city of Troy from Homers Iliad and once again I'm baffled from Endwalkers greek reference game. So we won't get into that any further.

Moving on we'll arrive at the second chapter of the Pandemonium raid series. This one is named Abyssos. And as always it'll come with a nice questline tying it all together and another punishing savage tier. So far we've only caught a glimpse of what one of the arenas might look like, but the rest is still unknown. But we'll venture deeper into Pandemonium to uncover what happened down there and caused the stir Themis described.

2022 07 01 13 27 51 Window

More interesting to raiders however, is that the savage tier is going to be delayed by a week this time around. Traditionally the savage tier would release on the same day as the patch, now they want to try out delaying it, in hope people won't just rush through the content to get to the savage raids. Especially with the race to world first being as big as it is. But this is just a trial run, they might reverse the decision when the next raid releases.

With this patch, we'll also see a new Unreal trial replacing the old one. This time its the first of Heavensward's trial series: Sephirot. Unreal trials are older extreme trials being adjusted for the current max level. With some adjustments to the fight overall to make it a little harder. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida stated that they had to adjust how some mechanics work, because they wouldn't mesh well with how the game is currently balanced.

We'll also see the introduction of the new trial series. But.. we don't know yet what it is. It is pretty safe to assume that the questline will jump off the 6.2 main quest scenario at one point. And we do have four archfiends that would somewhat fit nicely into a three trial series. Or it might be something completely different? Who knows? We can only be sure that this will come in a normal and extreme difficulty and that the reward will be a weapon, probably around item level 605.

And that's all when it comes to quest content and battle content for patch 6.2 so far. For a small rundown of the patch, visit us here. And for   even more news around the critically acclaimed MMORPG check us out here on ESTNN

Final Fantasy XIV: The New Quests and Raids of FF Patch 6.2
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