FFXIV: Sage & Reaper New Class Previews- What We Know So Far

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FFXIV: Sage & Reaper New Class Previews- What We Know So Far

Everything we know about the Sage and Reaper jobs right now.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is experiencing a massive boom in popularity right now, as many new players are venturing to Eorzea for the first time and returning players flock to the game ahead of the next expansion's release. While players are currently tackling the relic weapon grind and the Make it Rain event, everyone is undoubtedly looking forward to that next expansion, Endwalker. Players all around the world are excited to explore new areas, experience the climax of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga, as well as get their hands on the two new classes that have been announced: Sage and Reaper. The full details about these two classes have yet to be revealed. But regardless, we still know quite a bit about them and are excited to explore them even more!

Just to note, upon Endwalker's release, these jobs will be accessible to any player over level 70. Also, there may be spoilers present in this article later on. So if you're not fully caught up with the story, be aware!

Sage Preview

First off is the clean and flashy Sage class. The Sage is meant to be a healer class but focused more on shielding rather than healing. It utilizes four floating gun-like objects called nouliths that the Sage uses as foci to channel their magic through. And, as can be seen from the trailer above, it's a class with a lot of class, which makes sense considering the origins of it are from Sharlayan. In fact, the school of magic the Sage utilizes is new as well. The Sharlayans dub it somanoutics, as it is a combination of aetherology, sorcery and medicine.

While the Sharlayans may not always adopt this mentality truthfully, Sage practitioners strive to better mankind. They're known for wisdom and compassion, common traits among healing classes. With this in mind, it certainly makes sense that Alphinaud would choose to pick up this job. As we see in the Endwalker trailer when he, Alisaie and the WoL battle a new monstrous foe.

No specifics about the class' abilities have been revealed yet. However, so far, it seems like the main job of the Sage is to protect party members. Damage mitigation and shields will be the main focus but buffs and augments for allies definitely would make sense too. Also, seeing as the nouliths are powered by aether, there may be mechanics present that power up spells after a certain amount of spells are cast, or something of the sort. While we don't know much yet, we do know that the Sage looks stunning and will be a hit on release!

Reaper Preview

Next up is the dark and destructive Reaper class. Wielding terrifying yet awe-inspiring scythes, Reaper is a melee DPS class that is described to have a “brutal, flamboyant fighting style”. However, it does have an interesting twist. While they devastate opponents up close, they can summon a voidsent to aid them in combat. The voidsent will likely act as a Summoner's summon does and do some extra damage and/or buff the Reaper in some way. But that's not all. The Reaper can host the voidsent in themselves, and while that whole interaction hasn't been fully explained, the choice of the word “host” makes it sound quite sinister.

This also makes sense, considering that in the Endwalker trailer, Zenos took the scythe as his new weapon of choice. Sure, it establishes that he's a pretty bad guy even more. If that was needed. But also has some interesting potential story implications. To gain the power he needs to defeat the Warrior of Light, will Zenos give his soul to an extremely powerful voidsent, just to get that single, fateful fight he's dreamed of? And what would that make him after that? Or does he conquer over a voidsent to wrestle control of its powers?

Aside from that, we do know that the Reaper class was actually started by farmers in the lands of the Garlean Empire before the Empire existed. They were pushed from their pristine lands by arcane users to the frozen mountains of the north. Here, struggling to survive, some of them daringly sought out the power of the void. With it, they used their former farming tools to reap the living. With such a gritty backstory and aesthetic, Reaper is a gnarly class and one many are undoubtedly looking forward to!

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