FFXIV: Make It Rain – How To Get Vexed

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FFXIV: Make It Rain – How To Get Vexed

Everything you need to know to get the new emote in FFXIV’s current in-game campaign event!

Campaigns are frequent in FFXIV, and the rewards from the in-game events are usually always worth your effort.

And currently you can get your hands on the brand new ‘Vexed’ emote by participating in the Make It Rain campaign. Plus, it’s a great time to boost your MGP points – currency you can spend on rewards in-game at The Gold Saucer – an emporium of mini-games inside your game.

MGP gains are increased by 50% during the Make It Rain campaigns, so it’s the perfect time to get lost in Godbert Manderville’s wonderland!

The Make It Rain campaign’s quest, The Great Horn Heist, will be the only chance you’ll have to grab the Vexed emote for free. If you miss out, you’ll have to wait for the emote to land in the Mogstation and fork over some real-world cash to add it to your collection. Luckily the campaign runs until August 11, so you still have a few weeks to grab it!

New Players: Unlocking the Gold Saucer

If you’re new to the game, you’ll need to unlock the Gold Saucer to pick up The Great Horn Heist. You can do this once you’ve completed the relevant level 15 Main Story Quest (MSQ).

Depending on your starting zone, you’ll need to have completed either The Gridanian Envoy, The Lominsan Envoy or The Ul’dahn Envoy to unlock the sidequest It Could Happen To You. You’ll find the Well-Heeled Youth in Ul’dah by the Steps of Nald (x:9.7, y:9.0)

Once the Gold Saucer is unlocked, you can pick up The Great Horn Heist.


This quest is something of a scavenger hunt for clues, so don’t expect the usual indicators or directions pointing you the right way. That said, we’ve got some handy tips to help you get to the bottom of this Manderville mystery!

You can pick up the event quest from Ollier in Ul’dah at x:9.4, y:9.2 (the closest Aetheryte shard is the Pugilists Guild.) Once you’ve spoken with Ollier and agreed to help solve the mystery, it’s off to the Gold Saucer to investigate.

Once you arrive, head to Wonder Square West from the main Aetheryte and speak to Ollier again.

The in-game map of The Gold Saucer showing Ollier's location marked with a red star

Then speak with the nearby Anxious Attendant. To solve the mystery, you’ll need to find and speak with NPCs about what they saw or heard around the time the Horn was stolen. You’ll also need to pay attention and depending on the order you find your witnesses; you may need to speak with the Blabbering Brass Blade and the Frantic Attendant a second time after gathering up some rumors to trigger their clue reveals. Lastly, there is a location you’ll need to find that also serves as one of the clues.

Finding the Clues

Here’s a list of the NPCs and location you’ll need to find, and roughly where you’ll find them on the map.

  • Blabbering Brass Blade (x:5.6, y:6.5)
  • Cheery Customer (x:5.1, y:6.0)
  • Brusque Brass Blade (x:7.2, y7.0)
  • Brass Blade Recruit (x:7.1, y:6:1)
  • Astute Attendant (x:8.6, y:4.8)
  • Effusive Attendant (x:5.3, y:4.6)
  • Frantic Attendant (x:8.5, y:5.4)
  • Choice Location by the Sabotender Statue (x:5.1, y:7.0)

Once you’ve found everything there is to find, you’ll see a message letting you know that your search “…search has yielded all the pieces of the puzzle…” Now it’s time to take your evidence back to Ollier and reveal the true culprit of the crime.

Pleading your case

The order you provide your evidence will decide whether the true culprit is arrested or walks free – but you’ll earn an MGP Bronze Card regardless of whether the real thief gets caught or not.

But, if you do want to save our beleaguered Gold Saucer employee from paying the price for a crime he didn’t commit, here’s the correct order for the evidence:

The true culprit is still out there!

One of the attendant's uniforms has gone missing!

If you're so sure he did it, then where is the horn?

The horn was stolen while Hugue was still on duty!

It's you… Pipimaya!

The stolen uniform was Lalafell-sized!

But not all have a brother with eyes only for MGP.

My most sincere apologizes, Master Mayapipi.

Getting Vexed

During The Great Horn Heist, you’ll get to see the Vexed emote in action in the cut scenes. Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll get an offer from Ollier to repeat it. Ignore Ollier’s offer. Instead, look nearby for the Stern Saucer Attendant (x:6.2, y:6.8). He should have a blue quest marker over his head. Pick up the quest A Token Of Thanks to receive the reward Ballroom Etiquette – Displaying Displeasure. Use it from your inventory and add /vexed to your emote collection!

Other rewards

The Senorita Sabotender Minion available during the event, a mini Sabotender Cactuar wearing a tuxedo, red bowtie and top hat

The Campaign Attendant located near the main counter at x5.4, y:6.3 sells MGP prizes at reduced rates during the campaign. Seasonal Event Prizes for this year’s Make It Rain Campaign includes the Senorita Sabotender minion (under Seasonal Prizes 1 > Others, 21,000 MGP). As well as two new housing items, the Cactuar Round Table and Cactuar Stool (Seasonal Prizes 1 > Others, 1,400 MGP & 2,100 MGP).

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