FFXIV Free Trial Explained

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FFXIV Free Trial Explained

We'll explain everything you need to know about the popular FFXIV Free Trial.

The Critically Acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is going into hibernation soon which means if you're looking for something to sink your teeth over the next few months, there is no better time to start than now.

Ahead of the launch of the next expansion Dawntrail, which is expected to be released in the Summer of 2024, there are plenty of adventures to be had if you're planning to catch up. Especially with the highly anticipated release of the Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIV, you can expect Eorzea to get a lot busier in the coming months.

That is why we have compiled this explainer which will give you a rundown of everything you can do in the much-celebrated Free Trial.

FFXIV Free Trial Explained


The Free Trial of the Critically Acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is nothing to scoff at. Signing up today will make you eligible for unlimited game time until you reach level 70 and complete the Main Quest Scenario (MSQ).

This includes the base game A Realm Reborn and both the Heavensward and Stormblood expansions. Each and every one of them can be treated as a full game and can take upwards of 40 hours to complete if you're going for the critical path.

You'll also be able to play 16 of the currently 20 available Jobs. Better yet, you can play all of them on the same character including the Gathering and Crafting professions. All of them can be leveled up to 70 before you make a purchase.

Then there's of course all the other content you gain access to. You'll be able to play through the Coils, Alexander, and Omega Raid series' in both the Normal and Savage difficulties as well as the 9 24-man Alliance Raids.

And before you wonder, Final Fantasy XIV has a number of systems in place that keep older content relevant so you'll surely find someone to play with.

If you just want to enjoy the story of FFXIV on your own, a number of updates have added AI companions to most content on the critical path. Alongside came a rework of older dungeons and trials to bring them up to the current standard.

We can't stress enough what a great value this package is. Getting up till the end of Stormblood main camping can easily take up to 100+ hours and that doesn't include timesinks and side content. All of that will then lead into the much beloved Shadowbringers expansions which has been heralded as one of the best RPGs of the last 20 years.


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If you're jumping into the Free Trail, there are some limitations in place. You won't be able to access the In-Game market board or trade with other players. in addition, you can't participate in any of the matched multiplayer PvP modes or invite other players to a party, you can however join the parties of players.

There is a generous 300,000 gil limit for each of the up to 8 characters you can create. You also won't be able to join a Free Company (Guilds) or make use of the In-Game postal service.

It sounds like a lot but many of these restrictions won't matter unless you want to play with your friends. You'll still have to progress through the entire game to access all the content but if you want to run the MSQ parallel to each other on a free trial, partying up will be difficult.


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The Free Trial of Final Fantasy XIV is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and macOS. It will most likely be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as well once those versions are released in early 2024.

FFXIV does feature crossplay which means players across all platforms share the same servers. PlayStation users do not require an active PS Plus subscription to play the game either. You can sign up for the Free Trial either via the PlayStation store, Square Enix's dedicated website, or Steam.

If you pick the PC or macOS versions, do keep in mind that monthly subscriptions have to be purchased either on Square Enix's website or Steam depending on where you sign up.

Final Fantasy XIV also lets you use the same account across multiple platforms but during the Free Trial, you are limited to the one you sign up for. After you'll need to buy a separate license with all expansions for all the platforms you want to play FFXIV on, subscriptions are shared.

Upgrading to the Full Version

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If you eventually decide to upgrade to the full version of Final Fantasy XIV you only have one real option. The Complete Edition includes all the expansions and 30 days of game time. It will lift all the limitations placed on your account during the free trial but from here on out you'll need an active subscription to access the game.

The FFXIV Complete Edition usually hovers around 40$ USD but goes on sale regularly every few months. If you want to get the most out of your Free Trial, we suggest playing until the Complete Edition goes on sale or you can find a cheap key somewhere online.

Please do keep in mind that Final Fantasy XIV is a subscription MMORPG. You pay circa 13$ USD a month for the subscription with discounts depending on how many months you sign up for. This might seem steep but FFXIV also received major patches very regularly and you can expect a major content update every 4 months.

That sums up everything you need to know about the Free Trial of Final Fantasy XIV, for more on the MMORPG check out our summary from the last Fan Fest where we go over all the new info around the upcoming Dawntrail expansion or our Guide to PvP.

FFXIV Free Trial Explained
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