FFXIV Fall Guys Collaboration Event Explained

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FFXIV Fall Guys Collaboration Event Explained

Learn everything there is to know about the new FFXIV Fall Guys Collaboration Event.

Get your beans ready because we're heading into Blunderville. The recently announced Fall Guys Collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV is here and not only did the team go all out with the event, but there are also a bunch of prizes to earn.

Here is everything you need to know about the event.

FFXIV Fall Guys Collaboration


How to Unlock the Event

To unlock the event you first need to unlock the Gold Saucer. This you can do in Ul'dah after you complete the quest The Gridanian/Lominsan/Ul'dahn Envoy” and reach level 15. Now you only have to speak to the Well-heeled Youth in the Steps of Nald and accept the quest “It Could Happen To You”.

Once you've done that you have to talk with Lewena at the Gold Saucer and accept the quest “Just Crowning Around”. After a few cutscenes, you gain access to the Blunderville Square which can be accessed from the Gold Saucer.

About the Event

The FFXIV Fall Guys Collaboration Event brings the Fall Guys gameplay into Final Fantasy XIV. Here you can jump into one of the many obstacle courses. There are currently 5 in total and each of them combines FFXIV raid mechanics with those challenging, wacky courses.

Up to 24 players participate in a single round which can be registered for at the Blunderville Registrar. You can even join a party and spectate your party members if you get knocked out. There are 3 rounds in total with the last one always being the rush for the crown.

For participating and winning you earn both MGP and the new currency MGF which is only available at this event. Those special Sokens let you access all the event-related including special outfits, a mount, minions, Fall Guys-themed decorations for your house, and more.

Currently, the event is scheduled to last from Tuesday, 31 October 2023 at  3:00 AM (PDT) / 10:00 AM (GMT) / 9:00 PM (AEDT) to Sunday, 31 December 2023 at 6:59 AMP (PDT) 14:59 (GMT) / Monday, 1 January 2024 at 1:59 AM (AEDT).

After this first run, the Fall Guys collaboration event is expected to return as a special event in irregular intervals.



Round 1

Manderville-Can Parade – Similar to the races in the original Fall Guys. Here you'll have to clear obstacles while not getting knocked off the stage or getting stunnlocked. The main attraction here is a long platform you have to spin across while dodging obstacles.

Gentlebean's Fever – This race will test your knowledge of FFXIV Raid Mechanics to the fullest. Most of these are pretty straightforward until you reach the long slope. The Dice over your head will count down to zero and you need to stand still and do nothing to avoid getting blown up.

Round 2

Saucery Siege – Collect three Crystals from the middle of the room and bring them to the end of their corresponding obstacle course. You'll need to clear all three of them in time, be careful only 8 people can advance from this round.

The Gold Swiveller – Our good friend Typhon will huff and puff around the arena while you need to run counterclockwise to avoid getting blown off the stage. While doing that you need to avoid a bunch of obstacles. Keep calm, take it slow, and don't take any risks, you have much more time than you think you do.

Round 3

Manderville Mountain – The Fall Guys classic, a run to the finish line, and the first one there wins the big one. Obstacles are fairly easy to avoid but you'll need to also dodge Yojimbo's relentless attacks. We found it easiest to stick to the middle and alternate lanes when AoEs start raining down.

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Item MGF
Matte Winner's Crown 410
Glossy Winner's Crown 410
Gentlebean Knit Cap 410
Gentlebean Parka 410
Gentlebean Bottoms 410
Gentlebean Shoes 410
Ballroom Etiquette – Embracing Blunders 410
Rhiyes Identification Key 410
Pink Bean 350
Pegwin 350
Everybody Falls (Fall Guys Theme) Orchestrion Roll 220
Blunderful Framer's Kit 200
Blunderous Framer's Kit 200
Blunder-villed Framer's Kit 200
Blunderville Donut Bumper 220
Blunderville Padded Wall 220
Blunderville Rainbow 220
Blunderville Hammer 220
Blunderville Crown 220
Blunderville Flag 220
Gold Saucer Aetheryte Ticket 200
Standard Rationing Manual 200
Ruby Red Dye 150
Cherry Pink Dye 150
Canary Yellow Dye 150
Vanilla Yellow Dye 150
Dragoon Blue Dye 150
Turquoise Blue Dye 150
Gunmetal Black Dye 750
Pearl White Dye 750
Metallic Brass Dye 750

There are also a few achievements you can gain from participating in the event. Winning once, 10 times and 50 times will net you It's a Blunderful Life I-III and if you manage to win a whopping 100 times you get the It's a Blunderful Life IV achievement which also unlocks the Queen Bean/King Bean title.

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FFXIV Fall Guys Collaboration Event Explained
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