FF14 How to Get the Step Dance Emote

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FF14 How to Get the Step Dance Emote

The fastest way to get one of the best dance emotes for free in FF14. FF14 How to Get the Step Dance Emote

There are limitless opportunities to explore and interact within FF14's vibrant community. With over 30 million players, it won't take long to find performing groups that sincerely put the ‘RP' in the MMORPG. And with over a hundred emotes to choose from, you'll certainly want some of the best in your arsenal before the critically-acclaimed MMO hit gets it newest expansion.

Get the full FF14 experience with one of the best free dance emotes in the game. Here's the easiest way to get the “Step Dance” emote.

FF14 How to Get the Step Dance Emote

FF14's Step Dance Emote is earned by finishing the Level 14 quest “Good for What Ales You”. To start the quest, head to Limsa Lominsa and find a specific NPC at Hawker's Rest. but before the NPC shows up, you'll need to finish a prerequisite quest in the main storyline.

First, you'll need to complete your prerequisite Level 14 story quest (a.k.a. “Main Scenario Quests”) which will depend on your character's starting area:

  • A Mizzenmast Repast (Limsa Lominsa)
    • Travel to the Upper Decks and speak with Baderon (11, 11)
  • A Royal Reception (Ul'dah)
    • Go to the Steps of Nald and start the quest with Momodi (11.6, 9.6)
  • Renewing the Covenant (Gridania)
    • Enter New Gridania and find Mother Miounne (11.7, 13.5)

Once you've finished the prerequisite quest, go to Limsa Lominsa and head to the Lower Decks. Upon entering, open your map and zoom in to find Hawker's Round, where you'll meet an NPC named “Dodozan” (7.4, 12.4). Accept the quest “Good for What Ales You”, which rewards 2415 EXP and the “Step Dance” emote.

FF14 How to Get the Step Dance Emote
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From there, the quest is fairly straightforward; find a cask of ale for Dodozan's undisclosed client to get the rewards. Here are the complete steps for the “Good for What Ales You” sidequest:

  1. Accept the quest from Dodozan at the Lower Decks.
  2. Head south/teleport to the Fisherman's Guild to speak with 3 fishermen, namely:
    • Preoccupied Porter (7.4, 15.3)
    • Affable Angler (7.8, 14.8)
    • Small-boned Seller (8.1, 14.9)
  3. Board the docked ship nearby and get on the deck to speak with the young Executioner.
  4. Return to Hawker's Rest to give the payment to Dodozan.

And that's the fastest way to get the Step Dance emote. FF14 is chock-full with content that only gets better the longer you play. And speaking of content, we just got our first look at the new Dawntrail expansion during the FFXIV Fan Fest this year, which is set to introduce an entirely new continent, 2 new jobs, a full 5-minute trailer and a new story arc for the 13-year old Square Enix title. Odds are, things are only going to get better content-wise, so follow along to read about the best FF14 can offer.

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FF14 How to Get the Step Dance Emote
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