FaZe Wins PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Grand Final Recap

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FaZe Wins PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Grand Final Recap

After a three-month-long journey, PGL Major Antwerp 2022 is finally over, with FaZe lifting the trophy.

Even with a packed schedule, CS:GO Majors always have a special place for the fans. And the first Major of 2022 has just concluded with the Finals between FaZe and Natus Vincere. 

In the two years without a Major, many teams have risen and fallen. Still, NAVI came to the tournament as the reigning champions after winning the first Valve event held after the Covid-19 pandemic, lifting the trophy at the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

On the other hand, FaZe as an organization came to this tournament hungry for the win. FaZe’s history is full of successes and trophies, except the one at a Major. The closest they came was in 2018, in an overtime loss to the NA giant Cloud9.

Both teams played good Counter Strike through the Legends Stage and the Quarterfinals, eliminating their opponents without much problem. In the Semi-Finals, FaZe eliminated the tournament surprises in Spirit, while NAVI sent the dark horses ENCE home. And after a hard-fought final series, FaZe managed the take the throne away from NAVI, with a 2-0 final score. This is the first time an international team has won a Major.

Series Recap (FaZe 2 – 0 NAVI)


Map 1 – Inferno, FaZe 19 – 16 NAVI

The map starts with a FaZe pistol win on the T side. FaZe goes on the win the first gun round after a 1v1 between ropz and s1mple. After a 6-0 start for the FaZe, three NAVI members still don’t have any kills, which leads to a tactical timeout. In round 8, NAVI almost wins a quasi buy round, but Twistzz manages to close out the round with a double kill. After an electroNic double kill, NAVI got their first-round and make the score 8-1. Some back and forth and we close the half at 10-5.

FaZe wins the CT pistol as well, thanks to a fantastic ace from rain. NAVI manages to get themselves into the game, thanks to a triple kill clutch from b1t, and tie the score at 13-13. After NAVI gets to the match point, karrigan saves the game with a triple kill, and ropz takes us to the overtime by winning another 1v1 against s1mple.

In overtime, karrigan once again comes up clutch making the score 17-15 for FaZe. NAVI cannot pull themselves together and lose the first map to a 1v2 by broky.


  • Perfecto – 29/5/21
  • s1mple – 28/6/30
  • b1t – 26/7/19
  • electroNic – 19/5/28
  • Boombl4 – 15/6/24


  • broky – 30/3/22
  • karrigan – 24/4/26
  • Twistzz – 23/2/24
  • rain – 22/15/24
  • ropz – 22/7/21

Map 2 Nuke, FaZe 16 – 10 NAVI

Rain once again starts out with an amazing CT-sided pistol round. NAVI win an early gun round and get their first round on the board. However, a quad kill from broky gives the advantage back to FaZe. Another quad kill, this time from rain, makes the score 4-1. A triple kill from s1mple and a clutch from electroNic gives NAVI another round, but rain answers it with another triple kill: 6-2. Ropz guarantees a CT side victory for FaZe with a triple kill. Great effort by NAVI led by s1mple and electroNic, and they at least manage to salvage a 10-5 scoreline going into the second half.

FaZe wins their fourth pistol round in a row in the series. But b1t won the force buy round with four kills with a Deagle. Some back and forth, but no team manages a win streak. Rain is having a career highlight game and clutches a half buy round with a huge flank. Another double entry from rain makes the score 14-10 and breaks the NAVI’s bank, leading to a tactical timeout. Force buy from NAVI doesn’t work out, and FaZe had multiple championship points. FaZe manages to clean out the round to win their first-ever Major trophy over the reigning champions.


  • electroNic – 21/3/18
  • Perfecto – 18/5/19
  • s1mple – 17/1/22
  • b1t – 13/2/10
  • Boombl4 – 8/3/21


  • rain – 30/5/16
  • broky – 23/1/15
  • karrigan – 16/8/19
  • ropz – 15/2/14
  • Twistzz – 14/3/14

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 MVP

For anyone watching the Finals, it is clear that rain was the MVP of the series, especially on Nuke where he was dominating in the early game. This was a special win for rain, and karrigan, as they were here before but failed to win the Major in 2018.

Rain was not only performing at an MVP level in Finals but also throughout the whole tournament. And HLTV announced that rain is their MVP for the Antwerp Major.

FaZe Wins PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Grand Final Recap
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