FaZe Clan Announces Rainbow Six Siege Roster Ahead Of Season 2021

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FaZe Clan Announces Rainbow Six Siege Roster Ahead Of Season 2021

Cameram4n is back with a few Brazilian Champions in tow.

Today, FaZe Clan announced their 2021 Season R6S starting lineup. Rejoining them is Gabriel “cameram4n” Hespanhol, along with Lucas “soulz1” Schinke, Jaime “cyb3r” Ramos and José “Bullet1” Victor. These four all claimed the titles of Brazilian Champions after winning Brasileirão 2020. They'll join Leonardo “Astro” Luis and look to propel FaZe up the standings this year.

Last year, FaZe Clan barely didn't make the cut to grab a spot in the LATAM Semifinals. Throughout FaZe's time in Rainbow Six Siege esports, they've managed to attend every international event since 2018. Even more impressive is the track record of Astro and Cameram4n. These two are part of only five players worldwide that have been to every international event. They've had quite the history together and this is actually the fifth time they'll be playing side by side. With such synergy, as well as a championship-winning roster, FaZe is in a great spot to start the season.

In addition to this, FaZe announced João Paulo “PATIFE” Pereira has come aboard as a team ambassador. For those who may not know, he's a streamer and content creator with great influence in the R6S scene. Under the FaZe banner, PATIFE will host live streams of the team's matches in the Latin American league. During these streams, he'll engage with the FaZe and R6S communities and turn each game into a watch party.

The new R6S FaZe roster debuts on March 20, at the start of the season. You can check for schedule updates on the official Rainbow Six Esports Twitter page and watch the matches live on the Rainbow6 Twitch channel.

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