Fan Reimagines Valorant Map in CS2

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Fan Reimagines Valorant Map in CS2

A Valorant map in CS2? An indie Counter-Strike map developer has built a CS2 version of a Valorant map

Valorant was Riot Games’ answer to Valve’s beloved tactical shooter Counter-Strike. Instead of rivaling each other, however, gamers have fallen in love with both titles. Countless players invest hours into both games, and many professionals are proficient in both as well. Given the close association between the two since Valorant burst into the scene in 2020, fans have often speculated about how certain elements from Counter-Strike would translate into Valorant, and vice versa. A Counter-Strike mod map maker has reimagined a Valorant map in CS2, and it looks stunning!

Valorant Map in CS2: Haven Remodeled for CS2

Antferny has clocked in two months of effort to develop a CS2 rendition of Haven. He used the Source 2 engine to remodel the iconic Valorant map in CS2 style. Valorant recreations in Counter-Strike are nothing new, however. In most cases, these maps stick to the original Valorant color palettes and style. They are full of lush greenery and bright objects. Antferny, however, was able to come up with an interpretation that truly feels like a blend of the two games. The layout feels Valorant, but the visuals are more realistic, thanks to the Source 2 facelift.

Fan Reimagines Valorant Map in CS2

Credit: Antferny on YouTube

This custom-made map brings back memories of the rain-soaked Aztec from the CS 1.6 days! Some players even suggest it could be mistaken for a yet undiscovered within Ancient, a well-established CS2 setting.

The use of realistic elements sets this Valorant-CS2 mod map apart. While Valorant maps are known for their vibrant and stylized visuals, much like cartoons, CS2 locations tend to exhibit a more subdued aesthetic. Antferny's recreation flawlessly integrates Riot's top-notch map layout with Valve's distinct artistic style, resulting in a genuinely remarkable creation.

Can You Play This Map?

Fans absolutely love this version of Haven and are eager for it to be included as a playable location in CS2. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely since it would require a collaboration between Valve and Riot. That doesn’t mean, you cannot play it anyway, however. While you cannot try out this map in the official game, it’s possible to access it in custom CS2 games. The map is available for download on the Steam Community page, the link to which is provided in the YouTube video embedded above.

Fan Reimagines Valorant Map in CS2
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