Falcons Say Goodbye to hAdji

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Falcons Say Goodbye to hAdji

2022’s best player for Falcons departs from the team after being benched for months

Falcons have announced the departure of Ali “⁠hAdji⁠” Haïnouss after keeping him benched since January. The French player recently participated in a few matches for HEET at CCT Central Europe Series 6.

⁠hAdji⁠ had been part of Falcons since February 2022, back when the team was known as Akimbo. With the Rifler under their belt, Falcons started to make waves in tier two Counter-Strike with an impressive performance in ESL Challenger League and OMEN WGR European Challenge. This pace continued with the signing of ⁠hAdji⁠ , and he became the highest-rated player in the team throughout 2022.

The domination of Falcons in the tier-2 scene continued with ⁠hAdji⁠ in 2022 as they won ESL Challenger League Season 41. However, the squad kept struggling against high-tier rosters and failed to qualify for IEM Rio Major.

As ⁠hAdji⁠’s performance wasn’t the same at the start of 2023, and Falcons quickly decided to bench the Frenchman in January while trying to qualify for the BLAST Paris Major. Replacing him wasn’t really the answer for the French team as they showed a struggling performance in the European RMR, failing to qualify for the Major. Alexandre “⁠bodyy⁠” Pianaro, the former player for HEET, played in replacement for ⁠hAdji⁠ after his benching. 

Recently, ⁠hAdji⁠ has played several matches for HEET, and it looked like the Frenchman was back in his 2022 form with excellent performance. With ⁠hAdji⁠ on their roster, HEET went on a winning streak in the CCT Central Europe Series 6. 

Falcons Say Goodbye to hAdji
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