Fade Essential Attack Haunt Lineups on Ascent

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Fade Essential Attack Haunt Lineups on Ascent

Your teammates on Ascent need you to use these attack Fade lineups

Little did we anticipate that an agent boasting an edgy design would wield such a profound influence over the competitive landscape of Valorant. Fade, indeed, is a force to reckon with in terms of competitive viability. If you find yourself familiar with Valorant, I trust you are well acquainted with the awe-inspiring nature of her playstyle. With her dynamic kit, she consistently discovers clever ways to grant herself and the team a competitive advantage. 

Fade Essential Attack Haunt Lineups on Ascent

Credit: Riot Games

Thanks to her exceptional initiation prowess, Fade is an absolute must-have on Ascent and the top choice among players of all skill levels. For those seeking to instil fear in their adversaries and establish complete superiority, let us now delve into the list of formidable Fade attack lineups for Ascent.

A Site Scan Haunt

The A site is an important part of the map Ascent for attackers to run their strategies. Any attacking team’s dominance and control over this site will have a significant part to play in the game’s outcome. Fade is a strong agent capable of creating much value on Ascent. As a support agent, she has all the tools to set her teammates up for success. Knowing a proper scan lineup for A Site is crucial, as revealing the enemy positions makes taking the site a breeze.


Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Outside A main, get on top of this box and get stuck in the corner.


Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Aim the Prowler icon from your HUD to this pointed area in the picture. 

image007 1

Credit: Snapiex


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Do a jump throw, and the Haunt will scan any opponent in A site and a small portion of Garden that could be posing a threat to your team.

A Rafters Scan Haunt

Doing an A split is a common scenario in Ascent. In such situations, the recon agent is tasked to gather info on A Rafters. As a Fade player, you can bring maximum value to your team by helping them successfully take A with this Rafters lineup. 


Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: As soon as you enter the Tree location from A Cubby, face left and get stuck to the tub. 


Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Aim at the shown spot with your crosshair. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

image015 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: A jumping throw is required for the Haunt to land successfully. This one will scan much of A site, Rafters and Garden. 

B Site Scan Haunt

The B site in Ascent requires a lot of teamwork from the attackers to find success. It is a site that is trickier to take compared to the A site. But retaking the site is also harder for the defenders. Therefore, mastering the strategies related to Ascent B is crucial, and this Haunt lineup can be a good starting point.


Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: After taking B main control, position yourself against the wall in the below manner. 


Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Line your crosshair up at this exact spot shown in the picture.


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Do a running jump throw, and the haunt will scan most of B site upon landing. Be careful; this lineup may take some work to get right. We recommend practising this in a custom server before you try this in a PUG.

B Site Fast Haunt

Competitive Valorant is all about adaptive decision-making, and the situation may occur that your team is hastily pushing B. There may be better solutions than our previously discussed lineup in such a scenario, as it requires significant effort and precision to pull off. Instead, try this fast lineup on B, which can be thrown with minimum time investment. 


Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Hug this wall outside B Main.


Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Look at the picture below and aim your crosshair at the shown spot. 


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: A simple left-click throw will be enough for this lineup to work. This one is useful during a fast push to B site where your team needs the tight corners to be cleared quickly. 

Mid Info Haunt

It is common for attackers to try to take mid-control as it opens up many options for them, such as B Market, A rafters etc. However, it can be difficult to succeed here without using a few good utilities. Fade’s Haunt is an excellent ability that greatly benefits the attackers to take control of mid.

image029 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 1: Find the sewer outside B tiles and line yourself against it as shown. Your positioning doesn’t need to be exactly this.

image031 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Aim at the spot shown below with your crosshair. 


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Stand still and do a left-click throw to nail this lineup. This Haunt will scan for enemies hiding in the tight corners of Mid, making it easy for you to take control here.

For more guides on Fade and Valorant, stay tuned to ESTNN.

Fade Essential Attack Haunt Lineups on Ascent
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