Fade Best Haunt Lineups to Dominate Defense on Ascent

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Fade Best Haunt Lineups to Dominate Defense on Ascent

Strike fear into the heart of your enemy with these Valorant defense lineups for Ascent

With a growing fanbase and a practical set of skills, Fade is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Some are even saying she could give Sova a run for his money! While it's a bold claim, it should not be ignored. With her unique approach to tasks, mastering her lineups could make all the difference in maximizing her potential. Lucky for you, we've got some never-before-seen Haunt lineups for Fade on Ascent defense in this very article. Get ready to up your game with the help of this superstar agent.

Fade Best Haunt Lineups to Dominate Defense on Ascent

Credit: Riot Games

Haunt Lineups for Early Information

Fade's Haunt is undoubtedly one of the most valuable skills you can have in your gaming arsenal. It empowers you to quickly and accurately detect even the most elusive of threats, giving you an edge over your opponents. But, as with any great ability, there's a catch – it's not the easiest thing to deploy sustainably due to its bulky size. That's where your resourcefulness as a Fade main comes in! As a skilled Fade user, you must always think outside the box and come up with unique lineups to throw off your enemies. So, without further ado, let's dive into the top ways to make the most of this incredible skill.

A Main Info Haunt

Here's a lineup that'll make you a pro at scanning A Main for enemy attacks! You can also coordinate with your teammates to call for reinforcements and increase your chances of defending the site successfully. And if no enemies are in sight, you can always lend a hand to your squad at another location. Stay on top of your game with this compelling lineup!


Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Hug the left side of the A Main barrier.

image003 3

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim your crosshair here.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Stand still and throw the Haunt for the perfect landing.

A Main Info Haunt from Tree

It is common for A site defenders to position themselves in the A Tree location since if the attackers gain control of that area, defending the site becomes a real pain. Also, one of the attackers can strategically position as a lurker to cut off rotating defenders. Therefore, gathering info on A Main while placed in A Tree will be a highly impactful skill for any Fade main.

image005 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Get stuck in the left side of the flower pot.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Line your mouse icon on top of your Haunt symbol as shown below.


Credit: Tseeky


Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: A simple left-click throw will do the trick.

Support Lineup for A Site

If you're going to the A site from B, this lineup is an absolute lifesaver. And if you come across the enemy already occupying the site, this lineup will demonstrate your quick thinking and clever tactics to your team.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Get stuck in the following corner.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim for this spot with your crosshair.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: A simple left-click throw while standing still will lead to a perfect landing.

A Retake Haunt

Mastering the art of Fade utility can make retaking the A site an absolute thrill. With the Haunt lineup in your arsenal, you and your team can work together to reclaim control of the site and emerge victorious. Trust us, your opponents won't know what hit them!


Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: On A Rafters, get close to this corner. (Look at the radar to better understand.)


Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Look up in the sky and move to the right to see the cloud; then aim at it.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: A simple left-click throw is all it’ll require for your retaking teammates to unleash hell on the attackers.

Middle Info Haunt

The middle part of the Ascent map is a vital part of any game taking place on this esteemed map. Whoever controls the mid has a high likelihood of winning the game. Smartly gathering information on the enemy and making careful decisions is crucial for the defenders. Luckily, Fade’s Haunt ability is just the right tool for the job.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Move into the marked spot shown below.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim your crosshair at the following spot.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Stand still and do a jump throw.

B Main Wallbang Lineup

Have you ever witnessed a sly Sova player who sets up a scan dart while holding an Odin just to obliterate any attempts by the enemy team to attack the B Main area? If you answered “yes,” it's time to step into Sova's shoes, as you're essentially taking over his role. With this lineup, you can score impressive kills through wallbangs in the B Main region.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Get close to this wall on the B site in the following manner.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim your crosshair at the shown spot below.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Stand still and do a simple left-click throw.

B Retake Haunt

Taking back B from the opposition as a Fade player can be a real challenge. But fear not, my friend! You have a secret weapon – your trusty utilities. Want to give your squad a fighting chance and dominate your ranked games? Check out this killer B retake lineup that'll have your opponents running for cover.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Aim to the top right corner of this signboard anywhere from the Defender side spawns.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Do a running jump-throw.

B Support Haunt

If you find yourself in the Mid Market area or playing the role of a defender rotating from A site to B site, this lineup is a game-changer. It's a killer tactical move that can give you and your teammates the edge to take down attackers. What's even better? This lineup is so quick and efficient you'll have plenty of time to get into position and show those attackers who's boss. Trust us, this lineup is a gem.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Get stuck beside the small dark box on the ground.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Move your crosshair to this spot and hold it there.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Do a simple jump throw, and it’ll land to provide plenty of support to your allies.

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Fade Best Haunt Lineups to Dominate Defense on Ascent
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