Fade Best Haunt Lineups to Dominate Attack on Fracture

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Fade Best Haunt Lineups to Dominate Attack on Fracture

Enemy defenders will collapse in front of these oppressive Fade Haunt lineups

Fade Best Haunt Lineups to Dominate Attack on Fracture

Credit: Riot Games

Fade is an attractive Valorant agent. Due to the effectiveness of her kit, she has garnered a large following among the player population since her debut. Some believe she is an acceptable replacement for Sova, an audacious claim supported by sufficient evidence. She is capable of performing many of the same duties as the said agent but in a manner that is distinctive to her. Much effort must be spent on studying lineups to maximize this agent's potential. We will share the optimal ones for Fracture so that you can excel in attacking plays.

Haunt Lineups for Map Reveal

Fade's Haunt is widely recognized as one of the game's most effective recon abilities. This ability enables you to swiftly and precisely detect potential threats hiding in the most unassuming places. Therefore, it is essential to utilize this agent's abilities to the fullest extent achievable. Despite this, this ability has a drawback: its enormous size. In contrast to the Sova surveillance dart, its size enables the opponent to dispose of it with relative simplicity and quickness. Due to this difficulty, the more capable Fade must continually look for opportunities to puzzle out opposing teams with unique lineups. Therefore, we will start the list with

A Site Reveal Haunt

Effectively utilizing Fade's ability makes capturing the A site straightforward. The following A-site Haunt lineup be of great assistance to you and your friends as you approach the venue by revealing locations of creeping foes.

image002 5

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Get in the “A Drop” location and get stuck to this wall. Look at the radar below to have a better understanding.

image003 11

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim at the shown spot.

image004 5

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Do a jump throw, and the scan will assure you unleash hell upon the enemy.

B Site Reveal Haunt

With this powerful ability, you can check the B site location for defenders and instruct your companions on the best method of attack. Once you've perfected this lineup, you can significantly help your duelists clear paths for the remainder of the squad.

image005 11

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Approach this corner between the two boxes in B Tree.

image006 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Aim your crosshair here.

image007 5

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: The most effective scan lineup for the B site can be executed with a jumping throw.

A Sand Reveal Haunt

In ranked games, a popular and effective way to take control of the A-site is to do a Sand split. Once the attacker has access to Sand, they can quickly kill rotating enemies and be in a solid position to play post-plant. This Haunt line-up will check A Sand, helping you take control of it with great ease.

image008 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Approach this slope.

image009 6

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Slightly move to the right so that this crack in the wall lines up with the green banner.

image010 1

Credit: Tseeky

image011 3

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Aim below the logo on the banner and do a jump-throw.

B Arcade Reveal Haunt

Everyone knows how important it can be for the attackers to take control of B Arcade for the round to go their way. It is without a question one of the most important places while attacking B site because it allows you to put pressure on the defenders from two entry sides. So, learn this Fade lineup because it will help you a lot if you want to enter this area successfully.

image012 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 1: Go to the left side of the B Bench pre-round barrier.

image013 3

Credit: Tseeky

Step 2: Line your crosshair up with the shown spot.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: This lineup requires a running jump throw. This one is simple to get used to open a custom server and practice for a while.

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Fade Best Haunt Lineups to Dominate Attack on Fracture
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