FACEIT London Major: A Valiant Effort From Hell-Raisers

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FACEIT London Major: A Valiant Effort From Hell-Raisers

What looked to be a one-sided map 1 on Mirage in favor of Team Liquid, started to turn towards Hell-Raisers as they started showing signs of life nearing the end of the first half with a score of 3-12. After taking the game to 6-12 and a nearly perfect clutch from woxic, the game tilted again towards Liquid’s favor. After that, it was back and forth eventually ending in Liquids favor with a score of 16-10. EliGe was the MVP for Liquid with 27 frags.

Hell-Raisers had shown signs of life towards the end of Mirage and now they were out for revenge. HR was quick to strike with a 4-0 lead but Liquid would retaliate evening out the score and taking the lead. It looked as if Liquid had found their groove as they lead the game 6-4. The game would then come to a tug of war again with both teams trading rounds until the end of the first half.

The second half saw Hell Raisers crush liquid, dropping only the pistol round and winning the game 16-10 taking it to a game 3.

The final game was held on Cache.  The game started off in Liquid’s favor, as they quickly racked up 4 rounds. Hell Raisers started to mount a comeback, after 3 full saves they did a full buy round and won 3 rounds but could never fully take control of the game. NAF and Twistzz went to town on the HR lineup getting 24 and 23 kills respectively, effectively shutting them down. Woxic tried rejuvenating some life in his team but Liquid was too strong and kept shutting down their pushes resulting in a quick 16-8 wipe in a one-sided game.

Liquid now advance to the semi-final and will face the winner of the second semi final between FaZe and Astralis.

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